Poetics: New view for you : PhotoPoem – “What I Missed What I Found While I Was Sick”

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what i missed what i found while i was sick


dVerse Poets Poetics Prompt : New View For You

hosted by brian miller, featuring photo prompts from Tracey Grumbach

brian, one of the originators of the dVersepoets site online, had a short intro to this particular prompt, which, considering how long i’ve been battling this congestion/cold/sinus/allergy/yuk feeling, is good timing 😉

“Tracey hails from Maryland, a former home to me and has received a bit of acclaim for her works as well. Just jump over to her siteto see some more goodness.”

i’m always tempted to use all the images in these prompts, as they’re (for me) the most fun, but i did make a half sensible promise to be more considerate of my time and energy while i’m recovering, so i’ve picked this one image from tracey’s fine work

a glance at her website indicates much more in terms of interesting imagery




What I Missed What I Found While I Was Sick

bicycle image for dversepoets
Image by Tracey Grumbach

i wondered

as i wandered among my

fevered thoughts and chilled beliefs


any of this

would matter anyways


natural question i assume


when i saw the clean

neatly styled carefully parked

red and white new bike

– parked –

without a rider

yet obviously placed there

by someone…

i knew


thought about


poems and stories

paintings photos and

knick knacks i’d pieced together

over the decades of my lifetime

and knew


would know i’d been here too

© 2012 felipe adan lerma




My Four Vol 1’s – Becoming Free in April 2012

Happy National Poetry Month 😉


A Month of Mornings Vol 1Everyday Gratitude Vol 1Everyday Inspirations - PhotoPoems Vol 1Everyday Inspirations - PhotoPoems Vol 3

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Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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    • totally agree, “Inspiration can be found everywhere at every time”

      i find my challenge, when i choose to accept it 😉 is being willing to find it

      thanks so much skyraft 😉


    • i guess we probably can’t help leaving something in our large or tiny wakes 😉 trying to see it’ll be something good is worth the effort 😉 thanks claudia


  1. that is what we all want isnt it…someone to notice that we were there…are here…and we pack our remnants place them along the path..a bike, poems…memories…experiences…nice on man…i hope you are feeling fully better soon…


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