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Photography Plus, a Beginners View
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Pictured, “Photography Plus, a Beginners View” –

Beginners photography with samples of photopoems, photography poetry, and essays on the use of photography to illustrate article ideas.  Please see Press Release for additional information.


“a beginner’s view: the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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my intro photo ebook for beginners, which is what i still consider myself, is “Photography Plus, a Beginners View” being featured by “The Indie Spotlight” whose motto is :

The Indie Spotlight – Where the Independent Author Shines


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The Indie Spotlight

what the indie spotlight offers, is a chance to have one’s independent self-published work more widely presented, especially to the growing number of people with ereaders, such as the kindle and nook, plus tablets from apple, kobo, and with android systems (among others)

Photography Plus, a Beginners Viewa variety of in-depth questions are presented to help the reader know the writer and the work presented a bit better

the questions actually have helped me formulate for myself reasons for, among many things, why i chose this project for an ebook and what i hope people will take away from my work

the indie spotlight on my ebook also features links to my site for more in-depth material on my imagery, plus one of my photography poems from the book

indie spotlight’s submission page provides a downloadable questionnaire, and that can be submitted to one of the founders, gregory bernard banks, a published writer and graphic artist

if you are an “indie” writer, i’d highly recommend this opportunity; it is free, easy, makes one think about one’s work a little more broadly, and is of course potentially good pr

the questions are fairly comprehensive, but easy to follow, and my previous submissions were presented in a way that showed my work to very nice light

also ample opportunity is afforded the author / artist for listing related links of interest


Update Submission Process Changes

recently, the indie spotlight suffered a server crash, and was stalled in presenting their spotlights, but evidently only for a short bit, as they seem to be in full running again 😉

greg, one of the co-founders of the indie spotlight, appears to be accepting submissions easily again

quite a variety of indie work is featured by The Indie Spotlight, and i’ve come across work i wouldn’t normally have heard of or known about, i hope you’ll check it out


New Work In Progress

PhotoPoems Book One, Seven Volumesmy newest image work, “PhotoPoems Book One, Seven Volumes,” a large compilation of published and unpublished image and verse work, should be available this month, and hopefully i will be able to present this work also

thanks so much,



namaste – con dios – god be with you


Each Vol 1 of These Four Series FREE

at Participating Outlets


A Month of Mornings Vol 1      Creative Gratitudes Vol 1      Everyday Gratitude Vol 1      Everyday Inspirations - PhotoPoems Vol 1

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    • thanks claudia, she’s “progressing” 😉 on phone ’bout her meds right now matter of fact 😉

      yea, indie spotlight’s run by a young man in georgia, and it’s a great way to get some exposure via a set of questions the author answers

      and always feel you can email greg, one of the owner/founders

      your poetry collection book might be something you could feature, no charge 😉

      i’ll pass ya’ll’s good thoughts on to sheila, she’s always glad to hear


    • thanks brian 😉

      re sheila, she’s like a rolling micro of life, up down and all around 😉

      waking is tough, withdrawal shakes almost gone, headache leveling, but stomach churning more

      once she’s up and moving around though, whoosh! exaggerating of course 😉

      all in all, really improving, thank god!

      thanks so much brian


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