dVerse Poets Pub : Open Link Night, Week 51, When I Left the Past in Another Life

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When I Left the Past in Another Life


dVerse Poets Pub : Open Link Night, Week 51

hosted by claudia schoenfeld


truth is, since i wrote this “from scratch” i’m not even sure what it means, though i’ve gotten plenty of ideas that have played “it’s me” with my thoughts 😉

which points out several things about creativity :

one can begin with or without a pre-determined goal or idea

one can “find” what is useful and engaging enough for one to create by the act of creativity itself

one can create work that provides continuing further insight into one’s own life; i especially have some paintings that work that work for me

it is useful to have “open” prompts from a welcoming non-harsh environment, like dVersePoets, to help one feel ok about trying something, even if just as an experiment

creativity seems to be a subtle fragile thread in us that persists with the power of steel

it is an enigma and pervasive in our lives

it can also be a lot fun 😉

best wishes 😉


When I Left the Past in Another Life

finding words, or pictures, to say something we don’t know what

we want said, is too tough for me today

so i have to start by starting

gold tones

fall seasons passed by

a shoe on a rug

left alone

it’s no


i don’t know how i’m getting

where i’m going


anyone seen my shoe?

it walked away without me

i tell everyone

who’ll listen


even i


it was me who walked away

© 2012 felipe adan lerma


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. I just commented on another blog about abstract expressionism (in art) and how I love that the artist leaves the interpretation to the viewer but uses elements such as color and texture to create feeling. For me, this is that sort of poem and it has a certain sense of familiarity and growth to it. I always like visiting your blog, Felipe.


    • thanks so much victoria for you very kind words, i am very keen on art, and it probably all blends itself back and forth 😉 i’m very glad you liked it and came by 😉


  2. This has such a playful, surreal quality about it. I love rhe image of the shoe that somehow walked away, and it was you, though you are not sure. It sounds kind of Zen in a funny way. The sense of detachment associated with the emotion is particularly special. Fun to read and consider, Adan. 🙂


    • that’s a fascinating analysis charles, and which really appeals to me 😉 it gives me an insight in a little further into this strange and marvelous little piece that literally felt out of me and onto the paper; thanks so much 😉


    • thanks so much, this is one of those poems though that the cleverness more “happened” than was planned 😉

      rare for me to happen that way, but i sure will take it, thank again, very much appreciate it 😉


  3. lol…hope my shoe is with yours…i swear they conspire against me at times…smiles…and finding just the right way to say something can def be hard at times….and starting by starting is sometimes the best way…always good to see you sir..giv emy best to your wife…


    • ha! if it is (your shoe w/mine) they’re probably both lost looking for some ac to crash in 😉

      sheila appreciates your kind words brian, and she and i have gone through enough of those multi-day power outages and losses w/kids to really feel for ya’ll –

      though your poem, “beautiful disaster” is a beauty of the good problem times can sometimes bring, really brings me back memories of hurricanes, tropical storms with no bottom in the bucket, transformer in galveston blowing out cause of the heat and salt build up w/no rain –

      and you, with a “dry shave quick in the communal sink” , man that’s guts and fun 😉

      ya’ll take care out there


  4. you paint a very interesting picture felipe.. love the title..says a lot already and then read it twice..like you would look at a painting…a bit closer to see the details..a bit further away to see the overall impression


    • what a great analogy claudia, thank you, actually helping me get some insight into this one, thanks 😉

      and glad you like the title, it just came once the poem was done!

      really appreciated your kind remarks 😉


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