dVerse Poets Pub : Open Link Night, One Year Anniversary Week, Monet’s Garden in Giverny

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Monet’s Garden in Giverny


dVerse Poets Pub : Open Link Night, One Year Anniversary Week


i have been fortunate to have found and been able to participate in several communities of artists, in austin via Austin Visual Arts Association and Creative Arts Society, in galveston via Galveston Arts League, and online, via dVersePoets

AVAA has been while, while GAL dates way back, and the latter, dVersePoets is almost still a baby, though past crawling and getting into some pretty good bursts of runs 😉

this week marks the one year anniversary of the latter, co-founded by brian miller and claudia schoenfeld

brian is a dad and husband and is based here in the u.s., while claude is a mom and a wife and based in europe –

an interesting engaging combo 😉

they have a full week of goodies planned, take a look, see if you’d like to participate or just enjoy seeing what this varied and talented group of poets and writers has to offer

my own contribution today, to one of their rotating prompts, like a poem i wrote recently, celebrating bastille day (and who of us can resist celebrating freedom 😉 ) is sparked by the creative air of france

like the earlier poem focussing on paris, these are based on some wonderful enduring memories from a trip my wife and i took over a decade ago

monet’s garden in giverny, it seems, is like a shrine to artists –

a lifetime dedicated to finding truth and beauty –

and creating it….

i hope you enjoy 😉


Monet’s Garden in Giverny


can’t say it was

not what i expected


i can’t say

it was

the light april rain


was a relief

from the texas heat

we’d left behind

the grounds laid out

to bloom maximum florals

best for each month

and even each part

of a month


impressive –


the pond with the japanese


oh yes 😉

almost told me

what this french artist

had found he could express

from his heart –



into things for tourists


his workshop and home

with vanished eyes

still glancing

at people


 visited –


my wife

and a few dozen others

and it felt like

some of those whispering looks


who was noticing them

and nodded

– to me –

oui monsieur oui


i heard them in pictures

so i asked them in same, saying

the gardens bloom out in layers with rows

criss-crossed by paths


the pond is ringed by flourishes


assorted arrangements


leaves feathered spikey all interwoven

colors and textures

all seen

from the room to room walls of windows peering

like eyeglasses cataracts removed

on the garden

and pond and seine

just beyond


i saw

monet’s garden

stretched as far as my heart wished it to…

oui monsieur oui

© 2012 felipe adan lerma


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. good morning sir…too precise…smiles…perhaps i am too unprecise…about to head out to make the last run for home…coming home from vacation…top of the morning to you


  2. This made me think of not-so-long-ago when I was docenting at the NV Museum of Art. I used to like to ask the school children to put themselves into the paintings and tell a story, use their senses etc. You did that with Monet’s wonderful work. I think if I didn’t already know it, I could picture it in some way through your poem.


    • that must have been a great job victoria!

      and thank you for such a wonderful comparison, if i can do half as much as a child does naturally imagining into art, i’ll be ok, truly 😉


  3. Oh I have missed you!! Thank you for opening my heart again with your lovely words. I’m back and gravitating towards those things but mostly people who will stretch my heart as wide as it can. 🙂


  4. and

    i saw

    monet’s garden

    stretched as far as my heart wished it to……very cool…i have heard that monet was an enthusiastic and passionate gardener…would love to visit one day…but then…maybe not really necessary as he managed to load it all into his paintings and into our hearts..


    • “maybe not really necessary as he managed to load it all into his paintings and into our hearts..” –

      we kinda felt that too; the place was very cool to visit, but more as to what it is now, what people have been able to maintain to re-create in homage to what he saw and painted

      what i would like to see, is how the florals will change week to week, month to month, from april through not sure when their growing season ends, late sept? oct? we were told differing florals were planned and planted for optimum blooming through-out the non-winter, and in early april, we saw a lot, but only a hint of it

      there’s a co-op food store here in vermont, city market, and they have a garden outside near their entrance they do that with, and week to week and even within a week new stuff is growing and blooming, it’s amazing

      thanks claudia, big big congrats to ya’ll for a whole year of great opportunities and sharing 😉


  5. Yoga – Adan – the initial link on dVerse was incorrect, but maybe it’s fixed now. You may check it out though if you are not getting visits. Very lovely close here especially – opening up heart and eyes, yes. k.


    • K., thanks so much for letting me know 😉 i might’ve never known & who knows why the link went cookoo 😉

      and esp glad you liked the ending, i kept working to find the way to say it and felt i finally at least touched it, thanks again 😉


  6. ugh…i just lost a rather meaty comment…ggrrrr…a lovely painting it is…a sad bit though on everything turinging touristy…of course i would love to see so i am just as bad…chuckled a bit at being caught watching people…i would know nothing of that…smiles…all the lovely flowers…


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