Vermont : PhotoPoem # 1 : “I Spied the Past at Rock Point”

PhotoPoems Book One, Seven Volumes***

Vermont PhotoPoem, “I Spied the Past”

Image, Poem, & Commentary.


Pictured, “PhotoPoems, Book One

Seven volumes of Vermont photos, each with a short original inspirational verse.


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Vermont : PhotoPoem : “I Spied the Past at Rock Point”


Vermont PhotoPoem #1, Rock Point
Vermont PhotoPoem #1, Rock Point



I Spied the Past at Rock Point

stepping silently like moccasins to my


I felt the hand of people past

press their view

past my shoulder

and see once more what

had changed their worlds forever

© 2012 felipe adan lerma



a beauty of an unexpected view, walking along leddy park with sheila, one of the first times she could finally go and walk outside the house besides the front walk

we crept up to the opening, like we were the ones invading someone’s space 😉

and right away i had the thought then, how much of what i felt, was what the first native inhabitants’ sensed, seeing strange water craft floating by so deliberately…

just a spot, one spot, with that vantage look –

the limbs’ll grow different another year another season, and that whole moment will have also changed, amazing…

two moments in one, a sameness from the past, with a uniqueness only in the present….



submitted to dVersePoets prompt : OpenLinkNight – Week 61 (9/11)

hosted by brian miller, one of the two co-founders, with personal commentary about his day on 9/11


“take just a moment to remember—a moment of silence if you will for all the lives lost, all the heroes, not only that day but everyday around our world”

brian’s own poetry submission, on his site, he partially describes his work thus :

“I don’t know what happened to the guy in the poem above—its a true incident that happened back during our recovery from the derecho. Life changes in a moment….”

though neither brian’s nor my poem were written in regard to 9/11, it is good to remember the many way our lives can change so quickly

and 9/11, in new york city that fateful day, will always be one of the most profound to have affected so many of us…so instantly…

it’s when we forget these moments, that, i believe, it is worst….


new blog series, for now 😉

i’ve decided a way to get more blog posts, poetry, and commentary up onto my site, was to combine some of these goals

a photopoem series on vermont imagery does that, plus enables me to start posting some photos too

for the foreseeable future, and how far ahead is that? 😉 i’ll be posting vermont imagery

hope ya’ll enjoy the series of pictures with verse, thanks so much 😉


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Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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    • doing well enough, thanks claudia 😉

      so many things to do, leaving vermont in less than four weeks now! wow

      we’ve got a tiny furnished studio apt in st germaine area in paris, be there nov 1 – dec 15

      hope we get to see you 😉 hope all’s well!


  1. while yours may not be about 9/11 it is…we each have our stories and they intersect if we are lucky and touch…and allow us to see beyond ourselves into the life of another even if only just for a moment…smiles….


    • a great point, our stories intersect, and if we’re lucky, it’ll “allow us to see beyond ourselves into the life of another even if only just for a moment” – thanks brian


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