Vermont : PhotoPoem # 3 : “Nature’s Cathedral”

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Vermont PhotoPoem, “Nature’s Cathedral”

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Vermont : PhotoPoem # 3 : “Nature’s Cathedral”


Nature's Cathedral
Nature’s Cathedral – Click for Larger Image – © Felipe Adan Lerma



Nature’s Cathedral


see that

gold and green is striped


heavenly reaches of timber

the forest floor swept with life

the light and shade sharing



nature’s airy cavern of open air


one can say a prayer

that one is


© 2012 felipe adan lerma




some exposure adjustment, the tiniest touch of saturation, and that’s it –

no cropping, sharpening, or tilting

just a lucky beauty of a shot 😉

Leddy Park

by texas standards, leddy park here in burlington vermont is almost walking distance from our apartment, and certainly a close-by drive to get to

admission season is over, so anyone can drive on in to the huge almost hidden parking area –

an enclosed ice skating arena sits between the parking lot and lake champlain and views of the adirondacks

my wife grew up nearby there, and it’s a treat hearing her talk about trips she took there with her dad as a child

Choosing a Title

i hesitated titling this image poem “nature’s cathedral” but it fit so well, i just couldn’t not name it so

the canopy of shade and light is like stain glass i think, with some romanesque arches at the top of the frame – the image of this spot being a cathedral, nature’s cathedral, was immediate

sometimes, giving in to one’s first impulse is far and beyond the right thing to do 😉



submitted to dVersePoets prompt for OpenLinkNight – Week 67 102312

hosted by claudia, one of the site’s co-creators, and a poet well worth reading for her everyday descriptions filled with sensuous down to earth details and meaning –

she lives in europe and describes a little of her current trip to california, and sets up dVersePoets’ prompt for this week’s OpenLinkNight


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. a copy of what? um, no i dont think so.

    yep storm bearing down on us now as well…we were told to be ready by 8 pm…oy…hoping to keep power through it…so was yesterday move day? or today? how did it go?


    • well i think frankenstorm is your primary thing right now, and yes, hope you keep power!

      we’re getting all our stuff picked up tue am, movers say they’re used to it and can move us in heavy rain and wind, we’ll see 😉

      flying out wed afternoon, still supposed to be pretty windy then, but whatever, right? safe is best 😉

      re the copy, i thought you’d gone over to RG2E to put in for a free copy of the new book, “the children” – i can send you a voucher for amazon or barnes & noble, it’s probaby the most fun i’ve had writing something in many many a year (try decades! 😉 )

      stay safe with your family brian and we’ll try to do the same when the storm gets up here, but ya’ll are getting much harder they say – take care 😉



  2. that made me think of gaudi’s sacrada familia…a cathedral, inspired by the majestic appearance of nature and trees… beauty…wanna step right into the pic and go for a walk there..


  3. i think the title fits perfect…i love nature…and have been in that cathedral a few times myself….once i remember taking my shoes off because i knew i was on holy ground…alone in the middle of no where….lovely verse man…


    • oh man, taking your shoes off because you knew you were on holy ground, that shook me, and ain’t it grand there’s enough places on our earth for all of us to feel that somewhere where we live? i just thought of that cause of your comment brian, thanks so much young man 😉


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