Vermont : PhotoPoem # 4 : “New Page Across the Waters”

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Vermont PhotoPoem, “New Page Across the Waters” Image, Poem, & Commentary.


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Vermont : PhotoPoem # 4 : “New Page Across the Waters”


Cell Storm Over Lake Champlain
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New Page Across the Waters

it’s just a cell


across lake champlain

contrasting the sunshine in a blink

yet it feels like

a page turning across my sight

the shadow of the passing page swiping a

cinema-transition to the next scene

i can even see the tiny sandbar

pretending to be a


and why not?

in a day’s blink

my wife and i will blink across a

larger water


our own contrasting shadow

and land in Paris


every sandbar is a continent

when you breathe there

© 2012 felipe adan lerma


Last PhotoPoem in Vermont

but not the last poem or photopoem about vermont

we’re just moving, that’s all 😉

my wife and i went from austin to galveston for a bit to be near family in houston, then on to here, in vermont, for the same reason

now, with a scheduled detour in paris, we’ll be returning to austin texas, by mid december

i’d prefer to yak a bit more, say a bit more, explain a bit more, but i’m typing this as my tether to the cable internet is about to be shut off

then i’ll need to find a wifi place to finish this by linking to dversepoets

definitely another page turning, i think it’ll be fun seeing what paris will be like this time of year; i’ve read the lights for the holidays are really special – i’ll let you know 😉


Hurricane Sandy’s Effect, Minor – One Week Delay Going to Paris!

got calls just this evening that due to heavy damage at nyc airports, all legs of our flights cancelled, am re-scheduling, but earliest avail for both of us at same price etc is one week out

as i say in my poem, in a day’s blink 😉

and if “every sandbar is a continent / when you breathe there” – then every twist & turn delay is another adventure in the day’s many blinks 😉

now my wife and i have a whole ‘nother view of a feature done in the media here, called “stuck in vermont”


Hurricane Sandy’s Effect, Major – No Power, Cold Temps, Contaminated Water

beyond all the above, are our prayers for the folks and families suffering and coping with sudden devastation and uncertainty

because, having living most my life along the texas gulf coast, despite the welcome aid of all our fellow neighbors, when one suddenly returns to living day-to-day, moment to moment, without safe water, food, or shelter, the reminder-blink of our very human vulnerability and dependence on each other, is truly shocking in its long-range impact –

and is something i’ve become more and more grateful for having learned –

natasha, below, from dVersePoets, says it well…



submitted to dVersePoets prompt for OpenLinkNight – Week 68, Oct 30th 2012

hosted by tashtoo

“It’s the Season of the Witch and those of us along the eastern seaboard have named her Sandy.  Here, we’ll feel her steam through the overnight, but for those of you out there dealing with her full frontal assault, please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.”

“perhaps we can take some comfort in knowing our virtual pub has proven  quite strong against the elements and the mood, as always, is welcoming and warm…”

take a look, if you can, at their fine site, but stay and be safe with loved ones and family


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    • thanks so much victoria, glad you liked it 😉

      we’ll have to wait a week to be able to connect again to europe ( unless we wanted to pay double to track through another city / route, way to much! ) but we’re safe and resting from the push of getting out of our old apt

      hope you and yours are all well and safe also 😉


  1. smiles…i imagine your time in paris to be rather magical…i would love to go…it is on the list…def take time to breathe that sand bar….smiles…..and i hope as well that the move goes well, once more….


  2. oh you will enjoy your time in paris…the tiny sandbar

    pretending to be a

    continent…love this…and making your own contrasting shadow…learning…leaving footsteps…drinking culture.. traveling is a wonderful thing…


    • we’re still really looking fwd to paris 😉

      for now, another week, we’re waiting for newly scheduled flights next week to get us there, ready to drink a bit more of a great ‘nother culture; but we are on track! 😉 thanks claudia


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