Vermont : PhotoPoem # 5 : “Stowed Away at Stowe”

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Vermont PhotoPoem, “Stowed Away at Stowe” – Image, Poem, & Commentary.


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Vermont : PhotoPoem # 5 : “Stowed Away at Stowe”


Church by Stowe Village
Church by Stowe Village © Felipe Adan Lerma



“Stowed Away at Stowe”

the white sky rolled a bit of


over the mountain in a curl of fog-cloud

and the steepled church welcomed



autumn’s fall color remnants


an equal welcome


stowed away at stowe is the


scarcely hidden

that the times always burn

and turn

quite simply

to bring back the old


© 2012 felipe adan lerma


OK, Maybe the Last PhotoPoem in Vermont? 😉

yes, i said my previous vermont photopoem was my last, but that was before our trip away from my wife’s home state got derailed / delayed for a week

obviously we are extremely fortunate to have a place to stay that is not only comfortable, but beautiful

stowe, by texas standards, is down the road from burlington, and was worth a look for a place to stay that, price-wise, easily rivaled staying in burlington

that the stowe area is what is considered “off-season” right now, i hadn’t anticipated, but gladly welcome 😉

judging by the images i’m coming across, i’d say, barring the unknown, i’ll have some more vermont photopoems before our scheduled flight out next week

our stay at the sun & ski inn has been a treat so far, and we’re hopeful for a full stay of the same 😉

stayed tuned, and hope you’ll catch the next photopoem!


Dining in Stowe

well, maybe not “dining” but definitely lunch 😉

today we experimented at Frida’s Taqueria and Grill, and tasted one of the rare mexican food fares we’ve found here in vermont

tasty, in a setting that’s clean, colorful, and fun, the food is worthwhile and affordable

throw in that “off-season” factor, and getting a nice size table by a wide clear window, was easy and enjoyable, all completed by eager smiling service

we shared three different types of fish tacos, a huge serving of guacamole in a container of genuine volcano rock, a couple of other sides, and we were pleasantly full at an extremely reasonable price –

plus i got my one and only t-shirt (finally) during my nearly one and a half year stay with sheila here in vermont!

and snow showers tonight? we’ll see 😉


Adan Lerma

blessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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    • it’s been an unanticipated break from the big part of the move, to the trip to paris, we “hope” we leave safe and sound tuesday – tomorrow we repack and get last minute stuff done again 😉 wash, sorting, etc

      we got what i like to call “flecks” of snow today, really pretty; sheila says it’s the good snow 😉 no ice etc

      getting kinda attached to this place we’re at, so good thing it’s time to move on to paris; hope all’s well young man

      oh, tomorrow i post my last “texas to vermont” series post, with photos from paris, austin, stowe, and a “before i got fit and lost weight” pix of me from ’05, cracked me up when i came across it, had to include it, take care 😉


  1. Nice post, Adan. Vermont is a beautiful place…my wife and I had our car break down in Burlington halfway through a 2week vacation and–aside from the cost to fix our transmission–loved every minute of it. Stowe is gorgeous as well…I remember some waterfalls near there that nearly turned me into a pagan! 🙂


    • thanks matt, vermont is a gorgeous place, no idea how much when we arrived a year and a half ago, now we’re ’bout ready to leave, and seems so strange, glad we’re spending an (unanticipated) week longer in a different area from where we lived

      did you visit here from ireland? that must’ve been a treat of a trip 😉


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