“My Poetry” – Original Poems by Felipe Adan Lerma

A Love Story Series Set Vol 1“My Poetry” – Original Poems by Felipe Adan Lerma

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“My Poetry” – Original Poems by Felipe Adan Lerma



“My Poetry”

poetry, my poetry
is a string of clear crystals
strung together with flossing lines
picking out bits of unaware-of-nesses
as the sparkling glass is slowly
across the stones of ancient
streets now seldom swept
and missing, ever so
being broken

© 2013 felipe adan lerma


linked to dVersePoets OpenLinkNight Week 78 – hosted by dear Tashtoo


just a poem this time around 😉 no photo, hopefully next time around

sheila and i hit the reset buttons, for our first real settling since early oct last year, via multiple simultaneous infections, and so i am glad to just post this simply

yes, the ride was definitely worth it, but some heavy-duty maintenance is in effect 😉

i hope all the best for all, in health and happiness –

take care everyone!



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Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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    • thanks claudia, that phrase struck me as very much paris too when it surfaced, and i almost didn’t use it for that reason, then realized how many layers the words included, including paris 😉 i learned from my own words, which, if i give it time, they usually do 😉 thanks again so much claudia, hope the new year is going well for you and family


  1. smiles…very cool piece friend…i like the found bits of unawarenes…the glass dragged across the ancient unkempt streets…what an interesting definition you have given your poetry…

    hope the rest of your settling goes well…


    • thanks brian, we both think if we can catch our breath and reset our systems we’ll be going fine again; and very much appreciate your liking the small piece, it just seemed to fit 😉 hope you and your family stayed well over the holidays, take care young man 😉


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