Austin Texas : PhotoPoem # 4 – Out on a Limb

Squirrel in Tree - Photography Sheila Mae Lerma
Squirrel in Tree – Photography Sheila Mae Lerma
  • Note – updated 022819 🙂

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Out on a Limb

Sun setting pretty, but setting

Limb holding, for now

No stopping to smell any roses here

But a pecan in the claws

is one less reason to

scurry about.

(c) Felipe Adan Lerma 2013


a surprise spur of the moment shot by sheila out our back door 😉

but don’t tell him (or her) we’ve been leaving an unshelled pecan half on the deck once a day 😉

Thanks so much everyone!


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A beginner's view : integrating interests in yoga, fitness, and the arts - work in fiction, poetry, and images.

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    1. thanks fred, i appreciate it!

      have tried to comment on your storm poem (interesting piece), thought the dialog and line about being “mesmerized by how a simple storm can alter both the familiar and one’s ability to perceive abstractly” were both particularly good, hope we all make it through the inevitable storms, take care 😉


  1. What a nice moment you’ve captured! I can imagine this squirrel being thrilled to find a pecan just as the sun sets and his window for finding food begins to close. That’s very kind of you, to leave it for him.


    1. that’s what we were thinking, we’d noticed they come out early in the day, then near sunset; we don’t want to give them too much, then they wait for us, this way they still “find” the treat 😉 very glad you enjoyed it, thanks marilyn!


      1. I just remembered something: Shortly after Christmas, we threw away some yucky chocolate bars that had hazelnuts in them. Then we looked out our window into our condo courtyard and saw that a squirrel had snagged one out of the Dumpster in our alley and brought it out front where we could see it.

        The candy bar was large and gold-wrapped, so very visible. You could see the thought process, too. The squirrel almost buried it in a flowerpot but then thought better of it: “Nah, someone else will find it there.”

        I Googled and was relieved to learn that while not the best food for them, chocolate is not poisonous to squirrels. So I can enjoy the memory of how delighted this one was to find such a treat! 🙂


    1. “pretty” we’ll 😉 we do some good work sorting etc, then slack off for awhile; also am looking for some part time work, just started putting out feelers; but all in all, glad to at least have a pecan in my hands 😉 thanks Brian

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