Austin Texas : PhotoPoem # 4 – Out on a Limb

Squirrel in Tree - Photography Sheila Mae Lerma
Squirrel in Tree – Photography Sheila Mae Lerma
  • Note – updated 022819 🙂

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Out on a Limb

Sun setting pretty, but setting

Limb holding, for now

No stopping to smell any roses here

But a pecan in the claws

is one less reason to

scurry about.

(c) Felipe Adan Lerma 2013


a surprise spur of the moment shot by sheila out our back door 😉

but don’t tell him (or her) we’ve been leaving an unshelled pecan half on the deck once a day 😉

Thanks so much everyone!


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    • thanks fred, i appreciate it!

      have tried to comment on your storm poem (interesting piece), thought the dialog and line about being “mesmerized by how a simple storm can alter both the familiar and one’s ability to perceive abstractly” were both particularly good, hope we all make it through the inevitable storms, take care 😉


  1. What a nice moment you’ve captured! I can imagine this squirrel being thrilled to find a pecan just as the sun sets and his window for finding food begins to close. That’s very kind of you, to leave it for him.


    • that’s what we were thinking, we’d noticed they come out early in the day, then near sunset; we don’t want to give them too much, then they wait for us, this way they still “find” the treat 😉 very glad you enjoyed it, thanks marilyn!


      • I just remembered something: Shortly after Christmas, we threw away some yucky chocolate bars that had hazelnuts in them. Then we looked out our window into our condo courtyard and saw that a squirrel had snagged one out of the Dumpster in our alley and brought it out front where we could see it.

        The candy bar was large and gold-wrapped, so very visible. You could see the thought process, too. The squirrel almost buried it in a flowerpot but then thought better of it: “Nah, someone else will find it there.”

        I Googled and was relieved to learn that while not the best food for them, chocolate is not poisonous to squirrels. So I can enjoy the memory of how delighted this one was to find such a treat! 🙂


    • “pretty” we’ll 😉 we do some good work sorting etc, then slack off for awhile; also am looking for some part time work, just started putting out feelers; but all in all, glad to at least have a pecan in my hands 😉 thanks Brian

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