Inspirations from Life – Thirty Three Years of Poems and Images

Inspirations from Life - Thirty Three Years of Poems and Images
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Inspirations from Life – Thirty Three Years of Poems and Images –

A new collection of poetry and images, from 1981 – 2014

Imagery from Vermont, Texas, and Paris.

Via subscription or direct purchase.


Pictured Left : “Inspirations from Life – Thirty Three Years of Poems and Images”

84 Original poems, 31 original images.


“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”



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Inspirations from Life – Thirty Three Years of Poems and Images


Categories : Poetry


Contents Summary

  • Eighty-four (84) Original Poems
  • Thirty-one (31) Original Images
  • Three “Poetry in Fiction” Samples
  • Extensive links and light commentary


New Image in “Inspirations from Life”

Sheila at Perkins Pier, Burlington Vermont © Felipe Adan Lerma
Sheila at Perkins Pier, Burlington Vermont
© Felipe Adan Lerma


About This New Book

(from my Goodreads page)

My most rounded new collection of poetry, encompassing poetry and images through three decades.

Light commentary for each poem, and links from most of them to other information about the topic in the poem, add breadth.

Over one third of the poems have an image attached to enhance the meaning.

Inspiration is such a personal, yet universal, experience.

That creates incredible opportunity to share, at the same time the tremendous challenge of linking from and to our individual nuances is most acute.

And how does one separate a swell of inspiration from that of love?

I don’t think by any clear separation. 🙂

From the moment of our first breath, our first screech of sound, and the comfort from a gentle soul waiting for us here on this earth, we experience the need and satisfaction of inspiration.

Best wishes to all,



Table of Contents of Poems in New Book

Inspirations from Life – Thirty Three Years of Poems & Images

A Grandchild Sometimes Is… 1997
A Daughter’s Mother (by Sheila) 1997
A Month of Mornings, Vol Four, Day Thirty 2012
A Sameness of the Heart 2008
A Wedding Blessing 1995
A Yoga Teacher (a beginner’s view) 2011
Accelerating Into the Curve 2012
Across the Lake 2011
Aging Gracefully 2011
Aging Gracefully into Mother’s Day 2013
Aging Without a Clone 1997
Angel Baby 1994
Angel Light 1994
Angel Lover 1994
Angel Wings 1994
Art and Yoga 2011
Baseball 1994
Bicycling is Fun 2011
Cross Country 1994
Determination 1994
Dispatcher 1995
Diving 2012
Drill Team 1994
Enchanted Rock (Texas Hill Country) 1994
Endurance 1994
Eternal Student 2011
Evolution of a Pose 2011
First Snow 11-25-2011
First Thing I’m Gonna Do When I Win the Lottery 1994
Fun in the Fun House 2012
Galveston in the 21st Century, in Three Parts 2011
Galveston Island Nights 1996
God is a Good God 1994
Grandma 1994
Happy Baby Pose – Ananda Balasana 2011
Heart Beats 1994
I Spoke My Mind, Kinda 2012
I Heard You Sing 2011
Inspiration 2014
Inspired By… 2011
Joy 1994
Leaves of Gold 2011
Little Dancer 1994
Live in the Moment Before I Sleep 2012
Loss 1997
Love is Blind(ing) 2013
Marathon 1994
Middle School Teacher 1994
Missed Goals 1994
Music 1995
My Dancer’s Pose 2011
My Hope 1994
Nature’s Cathedral 2012
New Beginnings – Bookmarks in a Larger Book 01-01-2012
Nursing 1994
Osmosis, Infusion, and Just Plain Sharing 2012
Paris is Personal 2013
Playfulness in an Ageless Christmas 12-25-2011
Promises 2014
Racing in Exile on Father’s Day 2012
Special Education 1996
Spring Time Along the Lake 2013
Step-Mom 1994
Stowed Away at Stowe 2012
The Cottonball and the Rock (fable of woman and man) 1994
The Creative Person – One Poem – Two Versions 1994 – Original, 2011 – Revised
The Day I Wed My Kids’ Step-Mom 2013
The Message 1996
The Middle Older Years (the Reunions) 2008
The Moment’s Eye 2012
The Shape of Gratitude 2012
The Thoughtful Gift 2008
Undercurrents 2012
Venus in Transit Across the Sun 2012
Walking in Paris 2012
Weather Neighbors 2012
When I Left the Past in Another Life 2012
When It Ended 1981
Wild Music 2011
Winning 1997
Winter Leaves 2011
Words in the Woods 2011
Your Riches Within 1994
Zoos 2014


Preview, “Inspirations from Life: Thirty Three Years of Poems and Images”


Cover Image

American Robin in Snow, Vermont © Felipe Adan Lerma
American Robin in Snow, Vermont © Felipe Adan Lerma
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My Note : Other than the first link (my own post) these are suggestions from WordPress I’ve checked out.  There’s an amazing amount of both variety, and inspiration in these works.  Some are shorter, some longer, and one is a video spoken poem.  All worth taking a peek at. 🙂  Thanks everyone.


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