My First Five Star Rating for Fiction – Texas Shorts Vol 1, Audio and eBook

Texas Shorts Vol 1This Article:

My First Five Star Rating for Fiction – Texas Shorts Vol 1, Audio book.

Also available in eBook.


Pictured Left : “Texas Shorts Vol 1

Five short stories set in Texas (Austin, Galveston).  Four of which serve as a linked story prequel to my 8 part series, “Slumming in Paris.”


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My First Five Star Rating for Fiction

Texas Shorts Volume 1

Audio & eBook


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Audio Book Rating

Two Components

It’s especially nice that this star rating has both a story and performance component, and both were given a five star award.

While I believe that the five stories in “Texas Shorts Vol 1” are particularly good – lots of fun, fast, easy to read, action and humor and relationships nicely mixed – Drew Sobey‘s very nicely nuanced reading makes the audio version extra fun.

Hopefully we can work up an interview similar to my first, with Marcus Anderson, for another work, “The Old American Artist.”



Nearly three hours of story audio, priced at $6.95 (less with various membership options on some of the outlets).

That seems a great price for both the five stories, and for the performance.


Book Description

Five short stories set in Texas, and featuring characters from all my current fiction work, are included in the first collection. Two are set in Galveston, and three in Austin. Four of the stories also serve as prequels to my first novel, The Children, presenting the full extended family, including all six cousins, the grandparents and parents, in action with each other and the world around them.

Separately, I also have a collection, Paris Shorts, Vol. 1 where most of the same cast, particularly the children, are in Paris. These serve as supplements to my longer Paris work, such as Slumming in Paris, Part One.

All in all, I enjoy having a large multi-generational extended family cast I can draw from, to present a wide range of experiences, often grounded in family.

Though it is still several projects down the line, an outlined Texas based work-in-progress, Lounging in Austin, will continue the same cast and family tradition.


Below are links for listening to audio excerpts from any of my five currently available audio books.


Available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes

Listen to audio samples at :





101 Sports Poems Narrated by Adam Meggs           family poems audio book image       Texas Shorts Vol 1

Narrated by Adam Meggs           Narrated by Alexa Rubinov           Narrated by Drew Sobey


the old american artist audiobook                       Slumming in Paris Part One AudioBook

Narrated by Marcus Anderson             Narrated by Sarah Tancer


Five New AudioBook Titles, Effective December 06, 2013

(in alphabetical order)

  • 101 Sports Poems
  • Family Poems
  • Slumming in Paris Part One, Arthur & Gricinda
  • Texas Shorts Vol 1
  • The Old American Artist

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Future AudioBook Posts

  • Narrator Interviews
  • Possible new titles open for narration next year
    • Love Poems
    • Paris Shorts Vol 1
    • Slumming in Paris, Parts 2-8


eBooks Versions

eBook Versions are available through most major on-line outlets.

Please check my Author Page for links to locations.

Preview, Texas Shorts Vol 1 :


Final Word

Happy holidays to all, and a special thanks to Drew for such a memorable rendition of my Texas based short stories.

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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