Gifts from Paris – Original Signed Photos, Matted Mounted 8 x 10s

place st michel listing with sig © felipe adan lermaGifts from Paris –

Original Signed Photos, Matted Mounted 8 x 10s.

Pictured Left : “Rendezvous, Place Saint-Michel

One of three Paris / France signed photo gifts.

Included in the eBook of the same name.

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Gifts from Paris

Original Signed Photos, Matted Mounted 8 x 10s


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Paris & France Photos

White “Monet’s Garden” is from a short trip my wife Sheila and I took in the early 2000s, the other two, “Rendezvous, Place Saint-Michel” and “Evening in Paris” are both from a wonderful extended stay we had late last year in the City of Light.

All photos are original and signed work by me, backed with foam core, and enclosed in a clear sleeve for attractive presentation.

All sizes are a standard 8×10.  A ready made frame can be used for easy framing.

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April Rain at Monet's Garden © felipe adan lerma


Evening in Paris © felipe adan lerma


place st michel listing with sig © felipe adan lerma


More available soon!


Other Gifts

Gift Writings of original sports poetry.

sample – Volleyball Digger


Gift Images of my original photography, mostly from Paris and Austin, but hopefully other places too.

sample – Paris! at night 🙂


Audio Books

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A recent post details the five family, sports, poetry, and fiction titles currently available.

the old american artist audiobook



My Author page lists all major online outlets my digital fiction, poetry, and image ebooks are available.

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