Poems for Librarians, Original Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

Teachers Students & Education SpecialistsPoems for Librarians

Original Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

Included in “Teachers, Students, and Education Specialists”

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Poems for Librarians

Original Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma


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Written 17 and 20 years ago, my two poems still fit.

The technologies changed a bit, but enough nascent tech was around back then that, a casual reader, I think, would just fill in the images to the words with today’s forms and books and pictures and computers.

The basic, that the librarian is our helper of knowledge, thankfully, remains the same.


Two Poems for Librarians


Books, tapes, pictures, magazines,
research, computers, IRS forms, each
reflecting the librarian’s depth and versatility.
Custodian of our cultures, regarding
all creeds, races and genders as valuable.
Always surrounded by beloved works.
Caretaker of our cumulative and current events.
The corridors become funnels of wisdom.
A laser like searcher helping us learn
the location and existence of our inquires.
Even providing pencil and paper
for the forgetful.
Because above all else, the librarian
values an inquiring mind, the searching mind –
an individual willing – wanting to discover
all the timeless treasures stored.
The librarian values all the best in all of us.
© 1994 felipe adan lerma


Librarian’s World

Knowing when to whisper.
And when to break the silence.
The smell of paper held by glue
holding the memories of the world.
Faint coughs heard
over humming copiers.
Directions to the bathroom –
mingled with a map
through Reference.
Computer screens flickering
like pages flipping through time.
The loungers, the seekers – seeing
people change
from one to the other.
Requests for paper and change,
for titles and quotes.
Knowing one is providing
what the world needs most:
© 1997 felipe adan lerma


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