Finally! Enough Related Content to Give a Little Away :-)

Going to SXSW in Our 60s medFinally! Enough Related Content to Give a Little Away 🙂

Titles & places to find!


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“Going to SXSW in Our 60s”

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“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”


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Enough Related Content to Give a Little Away 🙂

Titles & Places to Find!


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Ask Your Library for My Titles!

New Short Story Set in Austin: “The Children (Shorts) The Concert”

Poetry in Fiction, Samples – Grandma and Grandpa in the Latin Quarter


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The Concert med

Online Retail

Amazon – Will price match to Free at its discretion. Please report any title listed below that you find free elsewhere to them. They may choose to price match to free also.

Also, for these free titles, I have elected the “lending” option via Amazon. I haven’t used this program, but evidently, if you own a copy, you can lend it to another person for 14 days. Info for users is at :

Barnes & Noble – Consistently prices to Free when received via Smashwords.

iTunes – Consistently prices to Free when received via Smashwords.

Kobo – Seems to price to Free when received via Smashwords

Smashwords – Prices set as per author’s request.

I’ve also recently come across info that one does not have to have an account with Smashwords to download free-priced books; only purchases or books discounted or free via their coupon channel.

Subscription Services

ScribdNo subscription required to read books priced as Free.

Some of my titles are being worked on by Scribd’s engineers to be made available to be read free, without a subscription, and my contact there says if you have a problem accessing one of the above titles without a subscription, please email : or

An effort will also be made to route you to my contact, Alison, who is aware of the ongoing fix by the engineers. Her quote is :

“I’m sure we’ll be able to do something for them since it’s meant to be free for them…yeah, just have them contact us through email and we’ll get them set up to enjoy the titles you want them to enjoy.

That, folks, is author / reader customer service!

Oyster – Unsure. May require subscription. Please contact Oyster for details.


OverDrive – Distributor to libraries around the world. Various entitles are able to receive inventory from OverDrive.

An employee of OverDrive, Adam, on a comment thread ( ) response to me, says “The Indie titles are in a highlighted collection in our Marketplace.”

The article link above is about how “the Bing sidebar will show any titles distributed to libraries by OverDrive.”

These are exciting developments!

Your Local Library – Please request any titles you may like from your local library. Most libraries can carry any title that OverDrive has listed. Please be aware that the local librarian may have to find mine, and other indie authors’, titles, via a special category search under “Shop” – then within “Self-Published.” It is hoped this round-about access to the usual simple search in OverDrive may be corrected in the future.

My latest information (063014) from Smashwords (who distributes to OverDrive for Indie authors) is that OverDrive should be on the last few weeks of having all my titles available for librarians to search for and find.


Currently Priced Free

Paris in 5 1-2 Weeks Days 1&2 med
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Please Note: Pricing and availability is working its way through the various systems. Hopefully all these will be available and properly priced some time this week.

Paris in 5 1/2 Weeks : Around Blvd St-Germain Small Streets of Paris, Notre Dame – Days 1 & 2

Non-fiction photo-memoir.

Original Paris images from an extended stay my wife and I enjoyed in Paris late 2012.

Introduces the series Paris in 5 1/2 Weeks. Is a re-creation, with added commentary and links, to a series of free blog posts featuring the first 12 days in Paris. Day 13 begins a serial series of eBooks.

Days 13 through 30+ enjoy the benefit of more images, expanded commentary and links, plus the unexpected perspective of time, the latter mingling memories with new insights.

The Concert

Chosen because it features all six young cousins (ages 9-18) featured in many of my short stories, novels, and novellas. Set in Austin, it is also the first of four in a series that introduces their relationships and adventures for all future stories they are involved in.

Very short, cute, humorous, and very Austin-y.

Grandma and Grandpa in the Latin Quarter

One of several stories involving Rosetta and Arturo, grandparents to the six cousins. Also is a great intro t0 my many stories set in Paris.

Predominately about the two grandparents relationship, and how it subtly changes when they come across the six grandchildren near the end of the story.

Slumming in Paris Part Two
Click to Enlarge

Slumming in Paris Part 2 : With The Children – Welcome to Paris

First of seven novellas which finish out the Slumming in Paris series. Part One is a romantic novella featuring Arthur and Gricinda, before the arrival of the six cousins in Paris.

Nice Thing ‘Bout Getting Old(er)

My most enduring free listed title. One of my first to be formatted into an ebook, and slightly wonky and awkward because of that. Is scheduled for an overhaul this year (summer 2014), and will remain priced free.

My wife Sheila and I have been nationally certified as fitness instructors, and this book is a compilation of material from my website. Much of the material has been very important to our health and happiness. And much of that important material was information we didn’t even know we didn’t know. 🙂

Going to SXSW in Our 60s medGoing to SXSW in our 60s, Photo Memoir

Fun non-fiction photo-memoir with links and commentary.

Also provides nice background for some Austin short stories, such as, “Grandma and Grandpa @ Dirty Sixth Street.”



Please check my Free Page here on my site for any title or other information updates : Free .


namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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