Libraries – Not Just an Alternative, a Hope

Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga DayLibraries – Not Just an Alternative, a Hope

My Titles  are available to libraries nationwide via OverDrive and Smashwords.


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“Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga Day”

Yoga family fun with grand kids and grandparents. In Paris!


Available via subscription, direct purchase, or library.


“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”


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Libraries – Not Just an Alternative, a Hope


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The Limits of “Unlimited”  –

One of the best articles I’ve come across explaining the current value of libraries to communities and readers. Lots of links. Surprisingly not very long for its density of information.

Close The Libraries And Buy Everyone An Amazon Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Originally I thought this was a satire. The 200+ and still growing! comment thread (including responses from the author of the article) assured me it was not.

If he was trying to give Amazon some commercial push for their new ebook subscription program, he couldn’t have done a worse job. Librarians and regular folk from around the world have responded, basically updating the values of both libraries in general and libraries in those commentators own communities.

Example after example of programs and initiatives via and from libraries to help people.

Commercial ebook subscriptions from Amazon, Scribd, and Oyster are great. I have my work in the latter two, and would in the former if not exclusive. They are, in my opinion, valuable compliments, not replacements, for libraries. I’ve read the CEOs of Scribd and Oyster express as much, and can’t imagine Amazon feeling much different. I mean, even car companies aren’t against taxis. 🙂

My Books on OverDrive via Smashwords – Distributing to Libraries Nationwide

Announcement of my commitment to lend my books out via libraries.

Hip Video Explains All-Digital Library in Bexar County, Texas

Short fun piece via The Digital Reader of how a small library is not only entering the digital age and 21st century, but helping shape it within its own small community.

Poems for Librarians, Original Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

Two original short poems I wrote for and about librarians back in the 90s.

Ask Your Library for My Titles!

Comprehensive list of my titles by topic: mysteries, Paris, Austin, fiction, images, poetry.

Hopefully helpful to readers and librarians in choosing one of my work to enjoy.


Separation of Indie Titles from Main Search Page

We need a fully functioning libraries. Ones that puts indies on par with other authors in terms of accessibility.

Libraries are not corporations.

Titles from varying levels of writers should not be in separate search functions, with a majority of self-published works not available for search on the initial search landing page listing work from high paying corporations.

In regard to the over 20,000 local libraries and communities of readers our work could interface with directly, getting OverDrive, and possibly Baker & Taylor, to not segregate self-published works off the main landing search field page, would be HUGE.

After two months of opting all my titles to libraries via OverDrive through Smashwords, not one single title is discoverable or searchable in my town of Austin.

In contrast, liking Scribd and Oyster’s open non-exclusive subscription models, and wishing Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited didn’t limit me (so I could participate there also), doesn’t diminish how I value libraries.

Those are complimentary but different functions. Public and private.

Degrees of restricted selection (loosely so, to rigid) vs open availability of books.

An indie guild, or union, or loosely structured association – or libraries – may be the only thing that keeps reading from the control it’s been under for a long time.

Thus, libraries are now not just an alternative – but a hope.

A distinctively happening hope.

Now if I can just get OverDrive to deliver my digital books to the libraries! 🙂


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