Scribd vs Kindle Unlimited – Scribd, for Readers Writers & Libraries (For Now)

lunch with grandma and grandpa medScribd vs Kindle Unlimited –

Scribd, for Readers Writers & Libraries (For Now)


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“Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa”

New short fiction structure, set in Austin.


Available via subscription, direct purchase, or library.


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Scribd vs Kindle Unlimited –

Scribd, for Readers Writers & Libraries

(For Now)



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Up Front

I want to sell on all available outlets I feel comfortable with and trust.

The day Kindle Unlimited is non-exclusive with other terms within the listing contract the same or better as now, I will have all my titles listed with KU.


For Readers

Please Note:

This is slightly reformatted repost of a comment I placed at Indies Unlimited for the article, Kindle Unlimited. The “Writers” and “Libraries” Headers further below are new to this article.

Bolded section breaks have been added in this post.


Pedro, I’ve found there’s more similarities than differences, though the latter can be significant, just depending on your needs.

Amazon of course has an ease of use and reach that makes it the gorilla everyone either hates or loves or is unsure about 🙂

I use Amazon and Scribd daily, both their apps and differing titles.

I read, and write, on my iPhone, Kindle Fire, MacBook, and (with a pencil) on paper.


Apps are continually being upgraded, so I haven’t found enough that Scribd’s or Oyster’s or Amazon’s reading apps have that would make me dump either of them.

Titles Checked Out at One Time

Scribd lets you keep in your library to read, I believe – unless it’s changed, up to 20 titles vs 10 from Amazon. I don’t find that a useful difference at my level either.


Prices are also too close to matter for me.

Title Selection

That leaves title selection.

KU is exclusive, though I hope that changes.

But while it is, one can legitimately say there is creative work in KU that’s not in Scribd.

Unfortunately, the inverse is also true – all the titles in Scribd, though not exclusive to them, are excluded from Kindle Unlimited.

Where the problem between the two has been for me, and why, though I have all my titles with Amazon’s regular store, I don’t have any in Select or Kindle Unlimited, is –

If I like a title on one, and want to recommend it to a friend, I have a different experience with one platform over the other.

In Kindle Unlimited, not all my friends buy from Amazon, and even less are in Kindle Unlimited. A recommended title within that subscription program, would mean my friend would have to join KU to enjoy that title, or buy it.

More and more of the people I know, are preferring and enjoying the ease and benefits of being in a subscription program.

If I recommend a title from Scribd, and they don’t want to join Scribd, they at least have quite a few options for finding and reading it elsewhere : iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Oyster, Amazon’s regular Kindle store (though not KU) – and maybe most importantly – libraries.


I’ve read that titles in Select and KU are excluded even from libraries.


Amazon, in my opinion, simply doesn’t need exclusivity anymore to attract business.

Even if KU gets bundled, or a combo bundle is optionally offered, with Prime – readers will want the spectrum of available titles.

The only things I pay attention to as being exclusive, is a handful of currently wildly popular titles or movies or TV shows. And sometimes that desired handful shrinks to just a couple of fingers 🙂


For Writers


As a writer, my main concern, beyond completing a work I like, is being able to sell it.

I feel subscription plans have the best chance of doing that for me for one simple reason : easy discoverability.

If all my work is not fully listed on a platform, obviously it’s not even searchable, much find-able.

All my work, not a sample, not a first volume, must be such that a reader, if they desire, can simply access it on the sales channel they like.

So regular sales channels, like Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, and Amazon’s regular eBook store, will work.

Subscriptions work better because the struggle of decided “what to buy” is gone.

The guilt or frustration of buying something one doesn’t care for, is gone.

Reading another work of mine you might like, is easy.

Paid for in the subscription.

Available anytime.

Any title.

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited does not allow me to offer my work to people who prefer to shop elsewhere.

When and if that changes, and the other terms are the same or better than now, I’ll have my work on KU.

Right now, I am more discoverable on Scribd than Kindle Unlimited, because can also still be found on all other non-exclusive outlets, including Amazon’s regular ebook store.

Price Free as I Wish

I have six titles priced free.

My Free page on my site lists the titles and where I sell.

One or more outlets may choose to not price free as per my preference.

Kindle Unlimited will not.

Scribd does.


For Libraries

This is a sad section for me.

I really didn’t even know that Select / Kindle Unlimited titles weren’t eligible to be made available to libraries.

This seems to go against everything I’ve ever thought and felt about how books are preserved and shared in our country, via libraries.

Scribd does not currently distribute to libraries.

It also does not, as a condition of doing business, prohibit my doing so.

Scribd is my best choice here also.

Ask Your Library for My Titles!


Last Word – Things Can and Will Change

Obviously, based on what’s happened recently, things digital can and will change.

That’s why, just as when I picked Scribd as my choice over Oyster in regard to which I felt was best, it was for that moment in time, thus it is with Scribd and Kindle Unlimited.

I pick Scribd as best for me, as a reader, a writer, and for libraries – for now.


My Author Pages

Online Retail

Amazon – Will price match to Free at its discretion. Please report any title listed below that you find free elsewhere to them. They may choose to price match to free also.

Also, for these free titles, I have elected the “lending” option via Amazon. I haven’t used this program, but evidently, if you own a copy, you can lend it to another person for 14 days. Info for users is at :

Barnes & Noble – Consistently prices to Free when received via Smashwords.

iTunes – Consistently prices to Free when received via Smashwords.

Kobo – Seems to price to Free when received via Smashwords

Smashwords – Prices set as per author’s request.

Subscription Services

ScribdNo subscription required to read my books priced Free.

Oyster – Unsure. May require subscription. Please contact Oyster for details.


OverDrive – Distributor to libraries around the world. Various entitles are able to receive inventory from OverDrive. Difficult for individuals to contact.

Your Local Library – Please request any titles you may like from your local library. Most libraries can carry any title that OverDrive has listed. Please be aware that the local librarian may have to find mine, and other indie authors’, titles, via a special category search under “Shop” – then within “Self-Published.” It is hoped this round-about access to the usual simple search in OverDrive may be corrected in the future.


Preview, Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa – courtesy Scribd :


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