Header # 20 – Vermont, Lake Champlain, View From Our Window

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Vermont, Lake Champlain, View From Our Window

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Header # 20 –

Vermont, Lake Champlain, View From Our Window


September 13, 2014

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Well. It’s been awhile since my last header change. Since February 6th of this year, it looks like!

Sheila and I are about end another wonderful stay in her home state of Vermont.

Seems extra hard to say good-bye this time around.

This image, taken from the upstairs bedroom window of our apartment, carries a lot of what I feel about this small state, one so much like my own, Texas. A ruggedness and strong sense of independence. A sincere attempt to be fair. Though my own state of Texas was a bit better at this in the more recent past, I think. 🙂

There’s steadfastness in the mountains, and borders of living foliage changing with the season. Mist obscures yet softens the distances. A lighthouse stands guard, rebuilt upon protecting lines with a place to pass. And what seems to pass, day in and day out the most that I’ve seen? The playfulness of small sailboats upon a wide long stretch.

A nice thing to take away and put up as my next header. (smiles)


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namaste´- con dios – god be with you


Adan at Thompson Park Bridge Vermont

Me at Thompson Park near Stowe, Vermont, Fall of 2012.


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