Love’s Travels – Vermont Paris Austin : For Valentines

Love's Travels - Vermont, Paris, Austin; © felipe adan lermaLove’s Travels – Vermont Paris Austin

New Release!


Pictured Left :

Love’s Travels – Vermont Paris Austin

900 Word Poem.

14 Original Images.

Vermont, Paris, Austin.


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Love’s Travels – Vermont Paris Austin

For Valentines


First New Work for 2014

“Love’s Travels – Vermont Paris Austin”

900 word poem.
14 original images.
Vermont, Paris, Austin.

Short, yet relatively dense with both imagery from three locations my wife Sheila and I have enjoyed being in the last few years, and a story like narrative set inside prose poetry.

Released in time for Valentine’s Day, yet hopefully always available for someone dear to your heart’s beating, and even nearer your own love’s breathings. 🙂



© Felipe Adan Lerma



Leddy Park, Autumn © felipe adan lerma


Red leaves.

Brown, brittle, and crinkly

had wound down

to winter.


sat quietly amid the silence.

It let my heart rest.

It let me best


where your eyes gazed.


among the scattered logs –

fallen forgotten footsteps in the woods

struggling for some light.

It’s in the clearing

we see

as we spot


a light, a space of blue.

The water of Lake Champlain is


Mist rising smoothing the surface water

frozen over –

fish beneath scurrying in their dreamy


Your gaze

I catch in a glint of light

promises to keep me warm.


Lake Champlain, Early Winter © felipe adan lerma



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Yes 🙂

My 1st of 2014, available all kinds of ways, soon and now. 🙂


Love's Travels - Vermont, Paris, Austin; © felipe adan lerma
Available all kinds of ways.


Image titles in “Love’s Travels – Vermont Paris Austin”

Leddy Park, Autumn
Lake Champlain, Early Winter
Little River, First Snow, Stowe

Notre Dame, Facing the Left Bank
Notre Dame, Late Fall
Saint-Etienne, Approach from Rue de la Montagne Sainte-Geneviève
Cathedral Interior
Eiffel Tower Seen from the Pantheon
Rue Saint-André des Arts
View Down the Seine to Pont Saint-Michel

Walkers Lane, South First Bridge, Downtown Austin
Buford Tower, Viewed Against the Austin Skyline
Bat Watch on Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge
Canoeing Down Barton Creek Toward Lady Bird Lake


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