Happy (late) National Coffee Day! – 2014

Café Allongé at the ManifestationHappy (late) National Coffee Day! –


National Coffee Day a couple of days ago made me think about my coffee enough to ask some questions. The answers surprised me!


Pictured left, “Cafe Allonge at the Manifestation”

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Happy (late) National Coffee Day!



Sipping My Coffee

I was sipping my morning coffee when I got my email alert for the day’s national holidays, saw it was National Coffee Day, and thought, hmmm, don’t really have anything to say, I’ll just have my coffee.

While it may have true I didn’t have much to say about the holiday that morning, a few days later I was filled with questions.



Why’s my coffee not been tasting as good lately?

I’d started using filters, should I stop?

If I don’t, should I use brown filters?

And I figured that was it. Wrong. (smiles) See why below.


Surprising Answers

It turns out I didn’t know much at all about something I drink every day  I can!

These are some things I believe are probably true. I’ve posted links to articles, but as always, keep checking this stuff out. We all learn in a continuity from each other 🙂

The Big Surprise – Using filters might be better for me than not using them!


Cone shaped filters create more taste than basket filters!


“The warming plate is often the reason the coffee burns and gets bitter.” –


Metal Carafe can beat out a Glass Carafe




I need to learn more about alternatives to auto-drip. I really like my coffee!

And obviously, it helps my writing (smiles).


“Cafe Allonge at the Manifestation”

Teen brother and sister Antone and Cherise get to “step out” one afternoon from the family for a cup of coffee during their holiday stay in Paris. And find ooh-la-la is found most everywhere in the City of Light.

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namaste´- con dios – god be with you

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