Story Sample plus Links : Cafe Allonge at the Manifestation – Teens in Paris

Café Allongé at the Manifestation
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Story Sample plus Links :

Cafe Allonge at the Manifestation – Teens in Paris

Teens Antone and Cherise, brother and sister, are excited to go for coffee during a Paris holiday. The City of Light doesn’t disappoint. Short fiction.


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Cafe Allonge at the Manifestation

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Story Sample plus Links :

Cafe Allonge at the Manifestation –

Teens in Paris



October 01, 2014, 2014

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Sample Chapters & Links – My Blog Series

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Cafe Allonge at the Manifestation


It doesn’t matter if you’re with your brother or your sister, when you’re sixteen and seventeen, and you get the chance to get out, alone, even for “some coffee” – in Paris, well…

2800 story words.

11 standard pages.

Set in Paris.



Antone and Cherise, brother and sister, were the oldest of six cousins visiting Paris with family. It was an extended stay, between holidays, and this was their first opportunity to “step out” without their younger cousins. Or an aunt or uncle.

“I don’t like the cold here,” Cherise brrr’d, “but I do like Christmas lights shining mid-afternoon,” she laughed, tossing her head back slightly and slipping her warm cap off.

Sometimes fashion requires sacrifice, she thought, her hair spilling out around her face and onto her shoulders. The cute cut she’d gotten at that salon on Boulevard de Strasbourg from Mariama, still let the front end sweep down and curl to the front.

Antone grinned with his sister, feeling his humored look morph, from tickled by her words, to happy she was so pleased to be out and about. He wanted her to enjoy the moment, free, out in Paris too. And, he admitted, to finally be able to talk to her about Cira, without the other children around. Besides, he reminded himself, after being immersed with nine to twelve year olds for over a week now, he wasn’t a child. A teenager, sure, but almost eighteen. Almost graduated from high school, and then bye bye Texas.

They swept down Rue des Ecoles heading east.

The brisk walk, unfettered by tiny feet to help guard, was liberating.

Steady steps gave way to a light bounding bounce.

“God! Can you imagine being here without a parent!” Cherise said.

“You mean Uncle Arthur and Aunt Gricinda?”

“Same thing!”

Antone laughed with her, as freely as their steps down Rue des Ecoles, adding, with a knowing grin, “Well, sorta.”


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Links to : Cafe Allonge at the Manifestation

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