Special Thanks to – Andrew Updegrove, Emily Guido, Andrew Knighton

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Special Thanks to –

Andrew Updegrove, Emily Guido, Andrew Knighton


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A novella, “One Night in the Hill Country”


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Special Thanks to –

Andrew Updegrove, Emily Guido, Andrew Knighton

October 27, 2014

Category – Thriller


Special Thanks on my Thriller Launch

Three folk in the internet writers community lent me a much needed hand and boost recently.

They helped my nascent thriller novella launch for “One Night in the Hill Country” be more than a whisper in the ether. (smiles)

Here are the links to posts that helped me tremendously. I hope you’ll explore their sites for the interesting content they each provide. And each is very different in genre from the other, so that makes it even more exciting to explore 🙂

Andrew Updegrove – Attorney and thriller writer


Andrew Knighton – Steampunk, historical, and fantasy writer.


Emily Guido – Paranormal romance writer.



namaste´- con dios – god be with you (smiles)

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    • Thanks Andy! – Yeah, it’s moving along. Have a few feedbacks and possible reviews going up soon, so that’ll be big. Plus working along in the next book (Queen). With the holidays knocking at the door, gonna be interesting how everything times out 🙂


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