Time to Review and Refocus : Health and Creativity

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Time to Review and Refocus : Health and Creativity


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Time to Review and Refocus : Health and Creativity


November 03, 2014

Category – Fitness – Creativity


adan on bike 110214A Birthday Gift of Fitness


New Fiction

It has been a whirlwind to the release of my newest fiction work, One Night in the Hill Country.

And I’ve many folk to thank for helping make that debut happen.

Fitness and Health

It’s also been a challenge and a joy to find my wife and I once again engaged in getting fitter.

Before daybreak boot camp, yoga, and a new birthday bicycle from my son.


And it was a privilege to witness our youngest grandchild, twenty months, dress up and discover Halloween and trick-or-treating. 🙂

A New Merging

All the above, in changing varying organic dosages, merge and blend and feed each other in my life. I am very fortunate. Listening to the above, I know I need to follow my heart, and give more time to those things of value in my life.

Not a change, but simply a refocus.



A refocus, for me at this time, means

More time doing fun exercise stuff (hikes, biking, fitness classes)

Making time to visit interesting health or fitness sites (like getting reacquainted with a vegan site I found some time back; and yes, I still like bar-b-q etc, I just am liking some pure veggie meals more and more) 🙂

Working on creative projects that really appeal: creating intergenerational thriller stories that involve characters from all ages and family relationships; photo-memoirs of things and places Sheila and I go to; blog posts with nice content samples

And of course, just down time with family – eating, watching TV, yakking 🙂

Maybe the great change in the weather here in Austin gave me the impetus for this review. Maybe it was hitting 64. Or a synergy of exercise and creative work. Or maybe, even something I’m not fully aware of yet.

It doesn’t matter.

Something’s working for the better.

And I may discover parts of why, as I blog and do new books. We’ll see (smiles).


namaste´- con dios – god be with you (smiles)

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