Why I’ve Opted for Another Ninety (90) Day Term With Kindle Unlimited

Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga DayWhy I’ve Opted for Another Ninety (90) Day Term With Kindle Unlimited


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Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga Day

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“An awesome short story by Felipe Adan Lerma with Paris as the backdrop.
I’ve traveled there and love anything Paris related, and Mr. Lerma hasn’t disappointed.
This was sweet and drew me in….”

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Why I’ve Opted for Another Ninety (90) Day Term With

Kindle Unlimited


December 28, 2014

Category – Platform Advantages


Subscription Debates All the Rage

This post was supposed to go live a few days ago, but I senior-momented the publish date for December 2015. Duh 🙂

In the meantime, several running online debates have morphed into open flood gates.

These are specifically asking whether Kindle Unlimited, or subscription services in general (including Scribd and Oyster), are helping or ruining or changing how authors can create and publish and reach an audience.

Oh, and have a chance to make a living…

I won’t go into what the details of each thread. Instead I’ll (1) post a few recent links directly below, and (2) give my reasons for why I’m remaining for a second ninety day run in Kindle Unlimited.

I have a history of supporting the idea of ebook subscription services since Scribd and Oyster were first announced, and was thrilled when Kindle Unlimited was started, but also know, I best keep up with changes.

Especially in payment terms, retention of rights, and my own personal success.

Below, is where I currently stand, enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

Interesting times indeed 🙂


There’s a Question We Should Be Asking Re Kindle Unlimited and Its Impact on eBook Sales


FB discussion about “Article about KU in the New York Times”


Topic: KU Crushed My Sales 😦  [note: over 44,000 views at this time]



Cons Worth Risking

I’ve detailed these many times, and still want this to change or improve, but feel they’re not detrimental enough at this time not to renew :

Exclusivity (but, I can opt out in 90 days)

Payout (when can’t it be better? 🙂 )


Pros Worth Renewing

Keep all my rights

Improving number of sales

Improving number of borrows

Good fit with most of books’ price structure (99¢ to $2.99)

Ease and gain of personal time by advertising for and working with one platform

The Amazon book ecosystem – number of FB and other groups (Goodreads) dedicated to promoting Amazon titles, reviews, promotions

The latter reason, Amazon’s ecosystem, is one I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of, I believe. I hope to have more on this aspect in a future post.



Would I limit my rights?

Only in special specific also-beneficial to me programs: Kindle Singles, Kindle Worlds, Kindle Serials.

I think it’s worth noting that Ms. Ward, you began the giant Facebook thread linked to above, participates in Kindle Worlds, and hasn’t mentioned anything pro or con about that program yet.

Also, under the right terms (promise of promotion / exposure / payout), rights reversions, derivative use, etc, these might be mutually beneficial deals worth looking at.


Readers – Writers : Reviews

As always, if you are a reader and have read a book of mine, honest reviews are an indie author’s best friend. 🙂

And if you’re a writer, let me know if you’d like to trade sorta-equal length reads for honest reviews!

Thanks so much, all the best, always,



namaste´- con dios – god be with you

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