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My Blogging Priorities : Fitness, Family, and Fun



May 03, 2015


Where Have I Been! 🙂


It’s been nearly two months since my last post, longest gap yet.

I’ve plenty of legitimate understandable excuses, uh, reasons. I’ll list those in a moment. More important is, what have I learned about myself during that time and where am I headed.

This is my third year doing a full-time temp job which this year began very early March. It involves a nearly three-hour commute, an early rise and an early to-bed. At 64 1/2 I’m stretched to eat, bath, and see if my wife is still staying where we live 🙂

It’s an interesting, if demanding job. And the commute (a bus, a train, and two long 1/4 mile walks) can range from boring to outright fraught with uncertainty.

Needless to say, time is a premium.

And even more of a premium, but fully a parcel of time, is staying healthy enough to do whatever needs doing.


Creative Endeavors

cover v3Initially, at the start of March, I had finished my first short for Joe Konrath’s Jack Daniels Kindle World. It was exciting immersing myself into that level of hero and story action.

Immediately following came an opportunity to also write a short for a second Joe Konrath Kindle World, one he shares with Ann Voss Peterson – Codename: Chandler.

Pushing through the entire month, while working and walking and riding the rails (ha! 🙂 ) I completed an even longer short (11,000 vs 5,000 words), with an even more action centered character. In both stories I got to include my own fictional thriller character, Samantha (Sam) Lacroix.

All in all, an incredible learning experience in regard to super action thriller pacing and depiction.

And that new story, with Codename: Chandler, “An Unforeseen Afternoon” – extends a thin story thread from the first story with Jack Daniels. Each story feels complete in itself, but with some doors left open for more.

Great accomplishment, creating two such intense creative works and working full-time with a long commute.


Reaching My Limitations

But something had to give to leave time for all that, and in my case it was my fitness. My health was feeling the pressure and I was already beginning to show signs of getting sick. Increased allergy susceptibility. Fatigue. Loss of drive. Congestion. I’ve been down that road enough times to know I was on borrowed time.

So I cut back almost all social media. Then cut back my reading. And finally my writing. My energy level was down to getting up, going to work, getting back home, and resting.

I made a decision that, rather than force myself to continue commenting on social media at my previous pace, forcing myself to write tired, forcing myself to read half asleep, I would force myself to go to more yoga classes.



adan on bike april 2015I had tried to go once a week to a free community based yoga class, and really liked it. My wife and I have fitness backgrounds, and were nationally certified by AFAA to teach, and did for several years, to seniors. So getting back into fitness classes wasn’t entirely new. Just starting back up was 🙂

Because of scheduling for transportation to work and work hours, I needed to find a better array of classes at times I could attend.

I found a nice assortment at Blue Honey Yoga for the weekends, and began building my stamina back up.

Soon I added a weekday evening class.

And finally I reached a point where I felt whole again. More whole actually, than I had in a few years. Sheila even told me I looked happier and better, so I knew it must be true 🙂

Last week, with three weeks to go on my full-time temp job, I started trying classes at another yoga location, Yoga Yoga. The selection of classes and times enabled me to try even more classes, in an even wider range of yoga styles, from gentle to hatha to kundalini to sound infused variations.



This week I got word the second Kindle Worlds short, for the launch of Codename: Chandler, was ready for review and uploading, with a target launch date of Tuesday.

So this weekend is a mash-press of fitness classes, creative prep work for my writing, and (Friday) was the 34th anniversary of being married with Sheila.

Thus the title of my post: Fitness, Family, and Fun.

Because folks, for me, I’m like that thing we’re told on airplanes, if needed, parents grab your own oxygen mask first, then ones for your family.

I can’t help anyone if I’m not fit and able to do so. And I won’t have any fun if I can be fit enough to enjoy time with my family.

So there it is. 🙂


Going Forward

With so many interests, it’s been very hard for me to decide what to blog.

I think what I will try, after these next two weeks, is this:

  • blog announcements of new releases, fiction, audio, etc
  • blog announcements of useful or helpful reviews
  • blog posts on health and fitness, as I did for many years, and which I feature in most of my stories
  • blog posts on family and fun occasions

That seems like a full enough life. 🙂

Thanks so much, everyone,



namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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