Queen, the Serial Novel – Book 1 Sneak Peek

Queen book 1 medQueen, the Serial Novel – Book 1 Sneak Peek

Cover design by Nico Laeser.

Original image by Felipe Adan Lerma.


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Queen, the Serial Novel – Book 1 Sneak Peek



December 12, 2015

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Book 1, Chapters 1-7, Two Paths

Main Points

  1. All new episodes released into Kindle Unlimited.
  2. A Samantha (Sam) Lacroix serialized thriller suspense novel, set mostly in Vermont, of approximately 100,000 words, released in an estimated 37 episodes (books).
  3. Each book includes the previous book’s last chapter and one or more short excerpts of the next book. Each entry also includes two new original photos of either Texas or Vermont.
  4. Sam is fresh off a recent crisis in the Texas Hill Country and is hoping for a respite in her home state of Vermont. Stilo, a local Vermont king pin, hopes to find a fresh out-of-state victim, one he can shift the blame to for the area’s rising drug crisis.
  5. Full series available in one book, including original images, late 2016.


Queen book 1 med

@ 2015 Felipe Adan Lerma


Two Sneak Peek Excerpts

  1. Stilo

Like water running a rough bank, Stilo avoided bodies slumped against walls. Gingerly sidestepped spots on the floor creaking too loudly or threatened to break.

Emilio, his friend and assistant, trailed tightly behind him, stubbing his feet on unresponsive legs, ignoring the stench of urine weeping down walls as he fought to keep balanced.

Nothing of this bothered the two men. Stink was part of life.

When you quit smelling the bad, you died.

More important was finding the right person. Someone to deflect opinion to in the media. Someone those coming to town for the drug conference could pin the reasons why on.

Addicts from outside Vermont.


They were why the state’s deadly drug problem persisted.

Not, Stilo smiled, businessmen like himself.

2. – Samantha

No, my respite was innocence. The children I worked with, traveled with.

The morning’s news alert flickered across my mind again.

More overdoses. Another drug dealer murdered.

How did the two tie in? Was there a vigilante relative of druggies going after the responsible dealers? Or just any dealers?

No. Wait. I straightened my legs. This was not something I needed getting into.

Problems in my home state. If it wasn’t the winters it was drugs.

I inhaled deeply.

Let the news drift to a mental corner to wait its turn.

Hoping a cobweb would coat my worries.

Drug overdoses.

Random murders.

Were the two the same?

Conscious creative happiness.

How the hell would those two fit together?

I choke-laughed to myself, nearly waking Mike beside me.


Some of  My Upcoming Posts re Queen (as per previous post)

Working with Nico Laeser for the new cover.

Choosing (for now) Serial fiction vs Kindle Scout.

Bonus content items for each episode / book release.

Sample image and content peek.

The impact of short stories and TV on my choice to do a serial.

Folks writing about doing serial fiction.

(new) How Amazon opened the door to serial fiction Scribd and Oyster had opened.

(new) Promotional opportunities opened up with serial fiction.


Questions About My Serial Format?

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