Paris in 5 1/2 Weeks : Serial Photo-Memoir Series in Kindle Unlimited

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Paris in 5 1/2 Weeks Series on Amazon

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Images of Notre Dame, small streets in Paris, the Latin Quarter, the Eiffel Tower, and more to come :

Musee D’Orsay, Tuileries, Champs Elysees, Luxembourg Gardens, Place Saint-Michel, Christmas markets, Fountain Saint-Michel, night views of Paris, more Notre Dame, more small streets and grand boulevards, square at Jean Beauvais, Paris roof tops, Christmas lights at night, and much more!


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Paris in 5 1/2 Weeks

Serial Photo-Memoir Series in Kindle Unlimited


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Why Kindle Unlimited?

Simple Answers

File Size – As posted in my article, Advantage Amazon, File Size, I don’t have to constrict my image books’ file sizes to fit within a platform’s limitations.

Larger image and file size allows me to present a quality size image a viewer / reader can enlarge and enjoy.

Image products – This in turn encourages me to expand my offerings of original signed images on Amazon Marketplace.

Returning to file size, Apple does allow larger sizes also, but only via direct upload.

Going direct with iTunes is a future possibility, but would require more time and work than I feel is worth risking right now.

Time for Fitness – With an ongoing re-fitness program (and current recovery from two procedures to excise potential skin and cyst problems, temporarily limiting fitness activity) showing both physical and emotional-creativity benefits, I don’t want to side rail that with time-consuming multi-distribution.

Complex Answer

Long before Kindle Unlimited, when Scribd first came out, I had speculated if Smashwords was opening the door for serials in general, by distributing to a subscription book service.

I’d couched my article in terms of fiction, not even thinking much about mine or others’ non-fiction work.

I think I just took for granted that most of my non-fiction work was short, inexpensive, and serial in nature: gratitude books, inspirational photo-poem books, and image books.

Actually, I struggled to group these smaller books into larger collections, so as to satisfy readers who wanted “more” and to have books with a high enough price point to qualify for 70% royalty vs 35%.

Scribd was a big deal for me then, when it appeared on the scene and offered a full 70% royalty on smaller priced items. The eventual start-up of Kindle Unlimited offered me my usual quandary via Amazon’s exclusivity requirement.

I had already gotten used to shrinking my images to fit Smashwords’ file size limit, so when push came to shove, and the need to get myself to a healthier fitter point in my life re-asserted itself, and Kindle Unlimited offered more for my small size books than selling them did (and does) on Amazon’s digital bookstore, I made the switch to Kindle Unlimited.

Could all this change?

Well, considering none of all the above hasn’t stopped changing (smiles), that’s a pretty easy yes.

Will I change where and or how I place my smaller, larger-file-size books?

Well that’s based on a story line being written outside my hands.

My response, I’m sure, will be : depends 🙂



Both The Digital Reader and Chuck Wendig among many others, have excellent coverage of current opinions (very much in the plural) and strong comment threads, about the value of Kindle Unlimited.

My bottomline is explained above.

And like Joe Konrath’s “very” intense but enjoyable comment thread about his newest work (Want it Bad), an erotic comedy (best I can describe it right now), the issues explaining my deciding to put new work into Kindle Unlimited, are best expressed here, on my own site, with room to verbal-ramble 🙂

I hope you’ll take a look at my newly expanding Paris photo-memoir serial series.

If you click on the series name, Paris in 5 1/2 Weeks, on any of the books’ product pages, it’ll take you to all the releases to date.

More are well under way and will also soon be available:

Walking to the Eiffel Tower. Musee D’Orsay.


Sample Books in Series

          Paris in 5 1-2 Weeks Day 3 med

Paris in 5 1-2 Weeks Day 14 med         Paris in 5 1-2 Weeks Day 13 med

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Paris 5 1/2 Weeks Series Page on Amazon


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