Queen, the Serial Novel – Promoting On YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook

Twitter ad Queen book 3Queen, the Serial Novel – Promoting On YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook

Book cover design by Nico Laeser.

Original image by Felipe Adan Lerma.

Technical Advice and Inspiration via Eric Lahti.


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Queen, the Serial Novel –

Promoting On YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook


January 08, 2016

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Queen book 1 medQueen the Serial Novel being my first serial novel release (continuing the next eight months!) many of these new-to-me ideas I’m sure have been around.

I’m just gonna mention ideas that have evolved or me I’m either planning to carry out or already in the process of. Hopefully I’ll have even more useful ideas as I go along. (smiles)

[Update 080619 – All  37 serial novella size novels have been release & combined into an omnibus edition that includes 74 original Vermont (mostly) and Texas images to illustrate the story]


Objections to Serial Novels

Most of the cons vs doing a serial novel are pretty simple and legitimate: readers having to wait for the next installment.

My own reading, because of time constraints and other obligations, means I’ve been reading in serial form for years, even from full length released novels. I also find I enjoy a more episodic structure, such as on TV, so time and preference for me have joined.

But for authors with significant followings, it’s understandable they prefer releasing full length works. And for several, such as authors Morgan Kelley and Armand Rosamilia, who incidentally are also prolific, their frequent releases are nearly serial in nature, though full length in release.

For still-emerging though obviously very talented authors like Silas Payton, a fellow Kindle Worlds author, for whom I am reading an ARC (advanced readers copy) for review, I still find myself reading segments as if they were serial releases.

I found myself with the opportunity to release Queen as a serial, and am only beginning to realize the benefits. Some are listed below.



Twitter YouTube ad Queen book 1


I’ve often been told I have somewhat of a radio voice, or at least some folks seem to like it 🙂

Though I knew I’d need a new external mic and to rehearse my little Readers Theatre excerpt scripts from my books before taping, I didn’t know:

  • I’d enjoy resurrecting my early 20’s theatre years so much (smiles)
  • I’d find renewed and deeper appreciation of the words I’d mostly only heard in my mind while writing my stories
  • I’d realize I had more punch in each segment and chapter of my books than I’d given myself credit for
  • The clips would lend themselves to continuous mini-ads as each of the 37 books in the serial series came out
  • The ads themselves could be used not only in my blog posts, but Twitter and Facebook



Thanks to fellow author Eric Lahti, whose book Henchman and short story in the charity anthology You’re Not Alone I’ve read and enjoyed, I got enough of a gist of how to put together an image ad that would be visually optimized size-wise for Twitter.

I’ve done various poetry-image and Paris memoir image series of my own, and have always enjoyed tinkering with pictures (also have painted on and off all my life). With Eric’s informative post about Twitter, I’ve begun to combine my innate love of design and images with marketing my creative work in writing.

Based on the beauty of work by both my cover designer Nico Laeser’s and Eric’s work, I’ve a long way to go, which is nice to know (smiles), and I’m having fun experimenting.

Twitter ad Queen book 1 link




FB I am more familiar with and use it more currently, but apparently there are optimized sizes for images there also and will be learning more about that.

I advantage of FB is, when I do place an image ad there with a link, it also shows up in Twitter.

The people I reach is different with a slight overlap, plus I can yak more on the FB post, so this is a great compliment to both the YouTube and Twitter posts.

Once I know more how to optimize or collage an image or images on FB, those might be a nice alternative presentation, especially since I already like to play with pictures for my headers, etc.

FB profile look 010816




My site, which is where I am now with this article, has the huge advantage of being able to in one post list all these various places people might like to check me or my work out.

In addition, I have much more control over my own blog pages, both in terms of content and sizing of material.

So my olde-but-goodie website continues to prove its value (smiles).


Final Thoughts

So my hesitant decision to release Queen as a serial novel has definitely re-charged my interest in design and image making, plus given me a renewed interest in marketing my work.

Paris in 5 1-2 Weeks Day 11In time, I expect to do mini-quotes and mini-voice excerpts of earlier work, especially the Samantha Lacroix thriller right before Queen, One Night in the Hill Country.

Plus, create mini ads for some of my poetry and images books.

All in all, quite a boom in potential fun.

Thanks so much,



Some of  My Upcoming Posts re Queen

Working with Nico Laeser for the new cover.

The impact of short stories and TV on my choice to do a serial.

Folks writing about doing serial fiction.

How Amazon opened the door to serial fiction Scribd and Oyster had opened.


Questions About My Serial Format?

Please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer.

Thanks so much, sincerely,


namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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