YouTube Excerpt Readings : Books 1 – 6, Queen the Serial Novel

Twitter YouTube ad Queen book 1YouTube Excerpt Readings : Books 1 – 6,

Queen the Serial Novel

Read the excerpts via Twitter. Hear them on YouTube.

Each book available on Kindle Unlimited.

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YouTube Excerpt Readings : Books 1 – 6,

Queen, the Serial Novel


January 22, 2016

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  • Images for YouTube Excerpt Readings
  • Notes about my YouTube Video Excerpts


YouTube Excerpt Readings

Thirty-seven books, one released each week.


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Series url on Amazon (available on Kindle Unlimited) –

Series url for Readers Theatre excerpts on YouTube –


Notes about my YouTube Video Excerpts –

  • Most are a little longer than my Twitter image-text excerpts.
  • Occasionally, my YouTube excerpt will also be different from my Twitter excerpt.
  • These are short casual reads with no pretense on my part, though I have just gotten a new mic, and that will definitely help with the audio quality 🙂
  • New improved audio sessions start with Book 5’s reading.
  • As I get more and more comfortable setting up for a reading, practicing the text, recording it, then uploading the file and syncing for cc captions, I may try to extend to a minute or so.
  • And no, I am not growing my beard, that’s actually less than a full week’s growth 🙂

Either way, should be fun (smiles) –

Thanks so much!



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  1. Adan, my apologies for getting so far behind in catching up with what you’ve been up to.

    I think these clips are great – not only are the excerpts excellent, but your readers get a chance, finally, to hear your voice as well as the voices of your characters. What a great idea.


    • Totally understandable Andy, plus worth the wait with the very kind words you brought.

      I’m getting better and better with them too, using an external mic and extending past 30 seconds into 1-2 minutes.

      Most importantly, getting my old theatre legs back. Been a long time since I joined all the stuff going on inside me into actual audible words. 🙂

      And I’m esp glad you liked them because I’m doing them “casual” in Readers Theatre style and want to keep them like that for this series.

      Thanks so much, Andy 🙂


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