Thank You Repeat Buyer in Bradford Vermont (Nancy Griswold)! – Mountain Road Cabin And Sunrise, Stowe Vermont

Normally most artists selling their art work, prints, and gift items don’t know who’s bought something of theirs at Fine Art America, but this particular buyer, artist Nancy Griswold, contacted me and let me know.

I’d already been a fan of her work so it is particularly satisfying the sales have been to someone whose work I admire.

My very minor way of thanking her is to point you where you can see some of her beautiful and thoughtful work.

She lives in New England so that of course is a huge influence on her images.

Nancy’s Fine Art America image page for “Vermont Gardens” says this was painted all on site of the image location – amazing enough considering the combination of great choices done literally on the spot – the layered composition, from the sky and soft horizon line of trees and farmstead; through the roll of light on the slant of hill (banked by shaded trees); to the nearer foreground garden anchored by the figure loving working the land – all brushed in soft clear lines and sweeps of color!

More of Nancy’s work can be seen and purchased at these varied online locations –

FB – Nancy Griswold – Fine Artist
Fine Art America –
Etsy –
YouTube – titled ‘Artworks of Nancy Griswold’
Mural nature painting at –

I hope you’ll give this gifted artist a look, and see why I’m so appreciative she’s chosen to repeat purchase prints of one of my own art pieces (smiles).


Twitter / Instagram / FB @FelipeAdanLerma
Amazon Author Page –
Fine Art America (FAA, Pixels) –

* Please note, full resolution previews of my images are available on my FAA site *

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