Deciding When My Painting is Done, Part 4 – Discoverng and Painting a Story, Woman in Moonlight

It started like this, a textured palette knife inlay modeled on the values and inverse colors of a macro cropping of a photo of mine I really like…

Step 1 in creating my small painting, “Woman in Moonlight” - ©Felipe Adan Lerma, 8x8 gallery wrap canvas, palette knife, water soluble oils.
Step 1 in creating my small painting, “Woman in Moonlight” – ©Felipe Adan Lerma, 8×8 gallery wrap canvas, palette knife, water soluble oils.

My reference photo, pictured below, and currently available on my Fine Art America (FAA) site, is a beautiful play of light. Eventually I’d like to try my hand at the image in the photo itself. A very impressionist version I’d think 🙂

But much like my painting, Yellow Blooms Coral Accents, also based on a photo on my FAA site (Theatre of Light), I found my initial inverse color/value inlay too much to my liking to paint over.

Eventually I will come back to my violet/purple photo image to paint, but this is very much part of what I’m discovering in asking myself, “where do I stop before I ruin something I’d rather not lose?” (smiles)

And like in my creative work in fiction, where scenes and characters can often find a home in another story or even inside poems [good example of my own poetry-from-fiction is in my post of late October 2013 – ] reference images and ideas in paintings painted over can back and be tried again in another painting.

Creativity it seems, for me, is more a flow than a stack of steps 🙂

Meanwhile, here’s the other stages to the finished painting, Woman in Moonlight. Each image was the ending point for work on this painting that day.

Step 2, adding the emerging moon. Step 3, adding the woman in the moonlight.

Step 4 (finished work), adding a bird in flight and a few small highlights.

Woman in Moonlight ©Felipe Adan Lerma, 8x8 gallery wrap palette knife oil painting; surreal abstract
Woman in Moonlight – Finish Oil Painting
©Felipe Adan Lerma

See full res sample at –

Thank you so much for coming by! I hope you can see, as I’m really only beginning to realize myself, sometimes a work is finished in one sitting. Other times, enroute to the initial target-image, a better/preferred or don’t-want-to-lose-it version appears. And in some, like “Woman in Moonlight” – a story-feeling needs a fuller expression within the abstract to complete itself within myself. Yes, definitely the magic of art 🙂

[updated to include post link, 11.16.19]
Next post I hope to show the finished work of another floral, first shown in-progress via a tweet from the Old Bakery and Emporium here in Austin 🙂


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Thanks everyone!

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    • Kirt, I so appreciate it! It began an simply a reverse inlay for a photo I liked and liked the initial off-set contrast so much I just left it and started figuring how to use it. I literally had to create what seemed would fit what essentially was initially the background! It was quite an experience & so glad you enjoyed it! ❤️

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