Review – TV – Blue Bloods Season 09 Episode 20

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  • Disclaimer – I’ve been writing reviews about shows on TV, movies, books, and live performances since I wrote, “A Sudsy Cleansing For the Blues” about the movie, Car Wash back in the mid 70s while at the University of Houston Downtown…so don’t take me too seriously, but definitely count me interested, it’s the arts after all 😊


I haven’t so much “followed” Tom Selleck’s career as tagged along, happening to see what else he came up with as I aged from Magnum PI, Three Men and a Baby, and Jesse Stone, to his current series Blue Bloods.

What I have seen via Blue Bloods, especially most recently, is a deepening quality of expression about the values of life I can depend on each time I watch — a true rule of law, compassion, humor, and an unwavering examination of the temptations of justice vs retribution good people can find themselves deeply mired in.

E20 Season 09 is for me a mini-masterpiece, juggling relationships, the idea of good folks tempted by retribution, and the fear of good folks being coerced into thinking they had to give in to an arbitrary demand.

You know, the usual stuff we all experience getting gas or going to the grocery store – no, not quite 😊. Not really. This show is about the bigger stuff most of us hear about, or dread might happen to us. All basked in a delectable script-sauce of danger, heart strings, and humor.

I can only fantasize I even approach just a few of those moments — like when I’m with our six year old grandchild, who’s really humoring me to begin with 😊

So yes, I’ll notch this episode as another mini-masterpiece in a superb series, but maybe one that’s a glimmer or two better than even most of those….

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