“Jersey Boys” the Movie, from Clint Eastwood – Evocative Story Telling

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“Jersey Boys” the Movie from Clint Eastwood –

Evocative Story Telling


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“Jersey Boys” the Movie from Clint Eastwood –

Evocative Story Telling


“we were not only thoroughly entertained, but moved to tears, smiles, and re-immersion into a lively coming of age time of our lives”


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Just My Opinion, Well, and my Wife’s 🙂


I haven’t written a movie review in quite a few years, maybe ten or so.

And I wasn’t intending to, but yesterday my wife Sheila and I decided, despite very mixed reviews, to go see Clint Eastwood’s new movie, “Jersey Boys.”

We expected, at the very least, a good movie, entertaining, with old familiar music via those surround sound systems movie theaters have for big space / war / car chase and other such movies.

Well, there’s some kind of big divide going on (some say it’s political, some say aesthetic), but either way, we were not only thoroughly entertained, but moved to tears, smiles, and re-immersion into a lively coming of age time of our lives.


Story Telling

Sure, the music as fantastic, probably better than we’d even vaguely remembered. Hearing those old songs in an enclosed theatre with the type of speakers they have now, wow!

And yes, the acting was convincing and attention keeping. Three of the four Four Seasons characters are from the original Broadway or touring company productions.

But what make this movie different from a pure music entertainment (closer to what the play is, and would be great fun to see/hear) is the story. Sheila says she saw that Frankie Valli was one of the producers, and I can’t help feel there was a very close connection between 80 year old Valli and 84 year old Eastwood about what matters.

Love, family, desire, heart break, rejections, success (esp sudden success), danger, and re-conciliations.

The fact is, realizing how and what these young men lived through, to get to the lyrics and sound of many of their songs, then hearing the song, from the actor playing Valli, touches so deep, that wells of emotion can’t help but come up.


Other Reviews and Links of Interest

Below is both a pro and con review of the film. The comment thread for the con review is particularly interesting I think, as almost everyone disagrees with what the guys says. Both are worth reading though.

Also I’ve included a link to an interview with John Lloyd Young, who played Frankie Valli on stage and in the film.

Plus a link to info on the producers, which does show that Valli was involved with the film.

Con : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jay-weston/clint-eastwoods-jersey-bo_b_5519633.html

Pro : http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-et-mn-jersey-boys-review-20140620-column.html

Interview with John Lloyd Young : http://www.biography.com/news/jersey-boys-movie-john-lloyd-young-interview#awesm=~oIFpJJgB0gcQjl

Google search, producers of Jersey Boys : http://glurl.co/equ



Storytelling, especially when it’s about life, is at its best.

More so when mixed with the sounds and songs that emerged from life, then brought together by decades of perspective from someone like Clint Eastwood.

Totally recommend.


namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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