My Day Ahead – Sept 21, 2019

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Today is Saturday. ‘Bout the only thing I know about today is, I hope we take it easy.

Gonna start out with a walk w/Sheila, then I’ll make cereal for us.

Apts are catering a bagel/fruit/veggie mid-morning offering.

Not sure if the bagels’ll work for me yet.

Info online says to start with a small piece – since it’s bread – and layer (lather?) it thickly (lavishly?) with a spread or jam. Yeah, I like that. Give it a try. Sheila’ll be there to Heimlich me if I need it.

I think I made a verb of a non-verb, but, if I needed it, it can be a verb 😊


(short walk, storm news in east Texas)
Let myself rest til 6:30, actually felt like I had a brain again 😊

Walked a short ten minute walk by myself, Sheila was heading to fairly intense cardio at Gold’s Gym soon & didn’t need more steppin’ ❤️

The ground was still wet from the surprise & surprisingly heavy short rain yesterday evening. The sky was clear and a distinct light breeze from the west said it’d be another hot one. But I thought of the news this morning of the of the folks between Houston (where I grew up) and Beaumont (used to do occasional art shows there) – besides the 30-40 inches of rain they got in one day, nine barges broke loose and crashed the bridge over the San Jacinto River prompting authorities to close I-10 there. That is major…

Also saw on radar Galveston Island was pounded again yesterday with rain, but the low tide’ll drain the streets, eventually – I know that well!

So I’ll take..well, accept – even if grudgingly – the hot weather 🥵 😊


(fitness post)
Updated yesterday’s short post listing fav sites Sheila & I have used, literally, for decades for info; added a little commentary didn’t have time before to include. They’re great resources, but bottom line is – we’re responsible for our choices.

That’s a good & bad thing. Bad thing is it takes work, mental and emotional – oh, yeah, and physical 😂 Good thing is, lots of food for thought, including the food that goes in our bellies 😊


(updating My Day Ahead posts)
Am seeing, via WordPress’s reader app, the huge effect choosing good (ie, appropriate) tags for one’s blog posts can have. Just one of the many good features I like ‘bout using WP as a blogger. But, that means I have to go back and read each of my own posts (uh oh) That might be a slow process too 😊

And, as usual, I have more ideas for blog posts than mosquitos in Texas and less time than cooler weather (also) in Texas 😂 New top pins the past week on Pinterest, chapters (start to finish) from an early novel I’ll be posting on my site (very soon) & I can’t remember what else. I have a list! So I’ll see what I can do!

(Midsomer Murders)
By time Sheila got home we were both tired, had really nice bowls of chicken soup & salad. First time I’ve had any chicken in several weeks, though it was more like mush. Still, baby steps 😊

We decided to watch this week’s recording of Midsomer Murders (PBS & Amazon), though 1st I took a tiny ten minute walk, my belly was just too full, lol! Then we settled in to watch the show.

I’ve really grown to like the show – it’s in its 20th season!!! – and when many of the regular characters weren’t there, ‘cept the asst detective, DCI Ben Jones, I was..not..happy!

“I like it.”

I glanced at my wife. Yeah, she wasn’t teasing.

“I don’t.”

She grinned. “You’ll get used to it. It’s good.”

“I don’t wanna get used to it.”

She grinned silently.

I looked up the search link above, followed a few leads, checked out several cast listing pages, and liked this one best – / .

To my surprise, we were watching a show many years earlier. The full credits link immediately above showed who play what when. It made me feel better ‘cause the characters I’d gotten used to were in the show right up to 2018, then the asst DS & the ME were replaced, but couldn’t figure out by who 😏

I did end up like the show better as it went. The plot line was entirely familiar, and the interactions grew on me. But I still like the newer show better!

One thing I became conscious of as the show went on (they all seem to be two-parters, and we watch them sequentially), is how much different the town people and cars and clothes, and things that mattered to them day to day, were only ten years prior to the time period we’d started watching. Plus the cinematography ironically mirrored the slower closer-to-WWII (there were mentions of it in today’s show), slightly grainier, drabber settings and clothes. The women more home bound and less perky (I thought), though no less sharp than the women in the more current episodes. Just, I don’t know, subdued somehow. That does change as the show evolves, I do know that. There’s also a bit more humor, even if sometimes sharp, between the senior DCI and the younger DS.

Still, anyway, yes, I guess I did like it, finally 😊

(walking to 7500+ steps)
Sheila sat out on the balcony to enjoy the slight but noticeable improvement in the weather. She’d already done her steps plenty via her cardio class, not to mention all the walking in the apt and was wisely recovering nicely.

So I set out, aiming for a 30 minute walk to reach my step goal.

Once away from bldgs, basically along a sidewalk tagging the road, I could feel the evening breeze kick up. Spotting the street entrance to the trail leading to Slaughter Creek I went down to where I’d explored the other day, looked down both ways I could walk, west or east, tested the path west toward a now cloud covered sinking sun, and thought, hope, too danky, and headed back toward the street, saw a path half way up to a street with a cul de sac, went that way and thought I knew where I was but had to look up Google Maps and see where the blue dot 🔵 said I was 😊 and worked my way around to the road to our apts.

By that time, normally still good light, it was getting dusky.

A bank of slate blue clouds the size of battleships blocked-out the sun’s exit.

What amazed me was the depth of rolls of blue layers I could see in them, like cotton balls that’d been soaked in Easter egg grey blues then squished together to form a puffy chain across the sky. The wall of clouds started ground level, rising into a clear sheen of bright twilight.

It was a good way to walk home ♥️


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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