I’ve Been Accepted To the WordPress Affiliate Program 😊


A Little History

I’ve been on WordPress since February of 2011, pretty much took it for granted the early years, exploring and finding ways to post about my creative work.

I then lapsed for a few years, still posting but not “digging” to see what else I could do with the platform. My focus had shifted slightly to include writing, and I didn’t need to know more than what I was already doing. What I knew was enough to help me express and share what I was working on.

Then last year my creative interests had become so numerous, and my content of poems and stories and paintings and photography, along with my always continuing interest in fitness, especially for seniors – and – with the introduction of blocks by WP December 2018, this all enabled me to feel I could display and share my content more effectively than ever!

Why I Can Recommend WordPress as an Affiliate


Like my long usage history with Amazon, my 1st affiliate program to join, my history with WordPress has also given me the confidence to recommend it for anyone interested in having a website, from very very basic and free, to a full force commercial store front.

My own site is about in the middle and is the Premium level.

And – very important to me – the customer, like on Amazon, who chooses to use one of my links to WordPress and signs up for a site or service, never pays extra for that. The price remains the same to the buyer on WordPress. Always.

Tips on Using WordPress

I’ll occasionally do a tips type post of how I use WordPress, leaving the full detailed tutorials on WordPress and other sites. I’m still learning what I can do with this major shift in blogging that WP has enabled.

This post of mine from June has an example of the type of tips I could offer – My Blog’s New Look  — Recent Comments, Top Posts, Choose Your Language, Plus Posts in Title/Image Grid!

Yes, pretty basic stuff, but revelatory to me when I first updated the look and feel of my site 😊

And like my dad used to tell me, “It’s easy when you know how.” 💕


If you have a question about something on my site you like, please post in the comments and I’ll try and explain how I went about it.

There’s new features I still find, mostly on an as needed basis, sometimes needing to chat with one of the WP folks, and they’ve helped me with everything from added some code to helping me solve how presenting something on my site a certain way. Extremely handy! 😊



My Related Blog Posts

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Related Amazon Search & Products


I do like to point out I pick my selections to showcase from my Amazon searches. May not always be the case, or wholly always the case, but for now, I prefer picking titles and book covers and gift items that just really appeal to me. There’s lots more to choose from, but only have so much room, lol! I hope you enjoy —

Thanks so much everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

Twitter / Instagram / FB @FelipeAdanLerma
Amazon Author Page – https://amzn.to/2YpgyUf
Fine Art America (FAA) – https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/felipeadan-lerma.html


    • Let me know if u have trouble finding answers. There’s some links in this post to WP’s video tutorials, and I’ve had very good luck via chat w/the Happiness Engineers, who seem to really know coding and their way around the WP framework. I use the Premium level, thought I might want to go up one to Business, but don’t think I’m really ready to use it yet. I was getting worried ‘bout my data space, esp for images. I used to just put the pics up, but now add alt & descriptions, plus resize them to a smaller size, like 1mb vs 5-10mbs.


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