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Increase Page Rank via David Nevue -
Increase Page Rank – via David Nevue

The more traffic that your blog generates the more opportunities you will have for selling your artwork. Increase page rank with these simple SEO….
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– excerpt, “Think of it this way. When you save a document on your computer, you will name it with a word or phrase that describes the content. This will make it easy for you to find that particular document at a later time.”


I came across this post from David little over two weeks ago I think & it’s lingered in my mind. Reviewing it today, I remember why —

1) the suggestions seem very doable (I do some of this now but not all, still working on it, lol)

2) there’s lots of links to more info

3) none of them seem to require a huge outlay in $ to accomplish; time, yes, though I did see a “part time” alternative link for info on that

4) and though it’s directed to artists, I’d think this applies to most any creative in general

Thus, during my time of computer problems & surgery recovery, reblogging this made sense.

And I’ll have few others in other fields of interest, ala my reblog of SilverSneaker’s dessert smoothies 😊

Thanks everyone,


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