Dessert Smoothies: 8 Quick and Easy Recipes – SilverSneakers

Blue smoothie via SilverSneakers
Blue smoothie via SilverSneakers

via SilverSneakers – one of my wife and I’s favored senior fitness sites 😊
These dessert smoothies taste like milkshakes but are secretly healthy. Plus, each requires only four ingredients. Try these quick and easy recipes.
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– nice run down on the health benefits & the pics sure look like these are super tasty!

Thanks, everyone!



  1. I tried the banana nut one today, and the vanilla berry a few days ago, though I added spinach because I need to use it before it goes bad. The banana nut one does taste a bit like a peanut butter shake and the vanilla berry was tasty as well. I really appreciate your pro tips. It’s kind of like no duh, and I wonder why I haven’t used them before.

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    • That is so neat! AND yummy, lol! My wife likes to add spinach to tons of things I wouldn’t’ve thought of to try & they work! Since my surgeries I’ve been getting pouch smoothies, like Mama Chia & others, and the 6 yr old grandson “loves” making his own chocolate smoothies. Both yours sound like they were delicious, Ashely! With your creativity, no telling what goodies you’ll come up with! I myself would like to add some raspberry to the grandson’s chocolate smoothies, but he says, “No way!” 😊

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    • I think once one can taste satisfaction via a healthy alternative, wallah! These recipes’ ll become a jumping off point 😊 Wife and I love finding new ways to have tasty healthy treats, lol! If you try this Ashley, let us know what u think 😊

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