My Day Ahead – Oct 02, 2019

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(busy day, breakfast tacos)
Alarm clock on my iPhone woke me at 5.

We have another long day to prepare for, though the one yesterday wasn’t as planned!

Plan is, after taking Max to school, we loop our track back home toward The Y.

Sheila’ll do Zumba Gold & I’ll walk the track, more slowly than usual.

Yesterday’s 9000+ steps have taken their toll.

Even if in a good way 😊

After – a special treat for me – going for breakfast tacos 1st time since the 2nd surgery!

Central Market Cafe’s nearby and places us close to Sprouts for a fill-in of items we like there too. Sheila’s a gem, knowing which foods tend to be best where, or simply which grocery has something she (or me) just prefer the taste of more. It’s like, in retirement, we’re closer to the concept it might’ve been in our grandparents’ time, when most everyone had their own gardens and animals – where instead of rushing home from work, and grabbing whatever choices were easiest, they took the time, knowing which trees, meadow, or garden, had the best of any food any particular time, and used the time to enjoy selecting what appealed to them most. Which eggs, which apples, which berries. I even remember going w/my mom & dad as a very young child, early 50s, to “way” outside of Houston, to where Meyerland is now, to join other families to pick blackberries. I still remember thinking, why are we doing this! Now I (kinda) know 😊

Plus, if all works well, we’re meeting up with an old friend who we haven’t been able to have lunch with since before the move late May!

In the afternoon I have an appt w/my surgeon to see how I’m progressing.

One of the things I’d miscalculated, in terms of recovery, is, the plan had been for a partial esophageal wrap with part of my stomach. That procedure has a range of recovery parameters. Longer for us old(er) folk of course 😊

But I ended up needing a full Nissen wrap, plus, turned out my esophagus had been squashed and bent for who knows how long.

The ie is – longer time frames for my food eating recovery, not to mention the recovery from the gas in my stomach needing to be absorbed by my system.

So the breakfast outing will be both a treat, and a test.

I’ll settle for a B on that test.

But hope for an A 😊


Yesterday I hit an exhaustion wall.

Not sure if it was a heat wall, with the area hitting another 100 degree day, to start October. Or an activity wall, I crossed 9000+ steps for the day without even aiming for it! Either way, at 6pm I had to lay down and I slept for two hours. It’d been an exhausting day whatever metrics I wanted to use.

It started round 6 am with two of the three smoke detectors playing chase with each other ‘cause they’re batteries had run down too low. Though we didn’t know that for another three hours as Sheila and I tried to figure out how to stack on the chairs to reach the high ceilings and take out the batteries – which we finally did – but which didn’t stop the mutual screeching from the alarms. Someone was finally able to help by disconnecting the wires to the alarms, replacing the batteries, and getting everything up and running quietly again.

Though glad that was resolved, half the morning was gone. ‘Course we hadn’t had a fire, so it was good overall.

I settled in the rest of the morning still struggling with blogging and computer issues I hadn’t ever had before. Is it my iPad? Is it my blog? Is it some new interaction between the two? No one is really sure, and that question was never resolved that morning or later into evening.

Didn’t much matter ‘cause by little past two we needed to leave to get the 6 yr old at school with a stop at Walgreens along the way. The heat was intense, and the traffic was building. We made it barely by 3 to pick him up and take him to his ninja class. It is a marvel and reminder of our own youths the energy those kids have during their class – sheer exuberance! Ahhh, the joy of being young and healthy 😊

From there we left for home w/a relatively quick stop at HEB to get some grapes and take advantage of a great coupon sale on some very very good energy bars – low in sugar, nice amt of protein, and very yummy! Plus it was on the correct side of our path going home, otherwise, it’d a been a no-go, lol!

Once home, 6 yr old and I walked over to the mailboxes, stopped to caw-caw with a parrot who lives along the way, and stopped into the clubhouse to play a very modified game of billiards – instead of cue sticks, we’d roll the balls into each other, clacking them into each other with a push of our hands, till they’d all sunk into one or other of the pockets. It’s more fun than it may sound 😊 Or at least hearing the 6 yr old squeal laughing was, lol!

By that point it was 6 again, pm this time, and I laid down to rest.

And fell asleep.

Woke up shortly after 8 to join Sheila and Max for an evening-finishing viewing of one of Disney XD’s Pokémon shows. Lots of positive vibes and colorful graphics, plus good triumphed over evil!

One can’t deny the pleasure of that! 💕


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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