My Day Ahead – Oct 05, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


An open book today.

No appointments, no stores to go to.

What will we do? Go easy I’d think. Besides, we always think of something 💕


Oh, what along day again, lol! But as has been the pattern the last few days, a bit smoother (thank goodness).

Won’t go into as much as my prior My Day Ahead post, but Sheila & I did go to Gold’s Gym, and I did walk the track a good bit while she did a cardio SilverSneakers class. Did a relatively short shopping at Randall’s – they have Sheila’s fav everything-bagel there, no preservatives, fluffy, soft, and really good price 😊

Went home, worked on my latest attempt to start a series of blog posts about my images, starting w/the first image I posted on Fine Art America early 2016, Austin at Night, a painting I did in 2003. Followed by an exceptionally sumptuous tuna salad w/veggies. My resurgent taste buds were in heaven! 😇

After, worked some more on the regular post for today while we watched another 2-parter of Midsomer Murders via PBS. Such consistent quality of a show! It’s also available via Acorn & via Amazon. The only PBS link I could find was for the Austin Area, it’s at – in case that helps.

Then we had cantaloupe then shared the bagel from Randalls. I put Vermont white cheese on mine & Sheila likes liver worst & stuff on hers 😊 By that time I had enough steps I only needed to go for a short walk to hit my 7500+. The evening was so unlike the many months past I went a little longer & easily clipped past 8000. Weatherman’s promising temps almost 20 degrees cooler Monday, which brings to mind a line in the outdoor amphitheater Texas history play (The Lone Star) the kids and I did in Galveston for nearly 8 years. Sam Houston’s gotten news that Santa Anna’s on his way with a huge army and already taken the Alamo and expects to make short work of the small Texan army. He looks at (I think) Deaf Smith, and says, “We..shall..see.” 😊 I liked the play. It helped me remind folks that most Mexican-Texans back then didn’t care for the then dictator of Mexico either. And Mexican-Texans also died defending the Alamo 💕

With that, I did a quick (my 3rd in the last 2 days) Notan study from the balcony as Sheila sat near by feeling the hint of breeze of things to hopefully come. I told Sheila how I want to get the 6 year old to do some Notan sketches with me and, literally, honestly, show me a thing or two. Told her how much I liked the intro to the book I was reading ‘cause it described the yin-yang black-white positive-negative principal as one of co-equals, interactive, eternal.

It was a nice evening.

And I didn’t need to set the alarm for the next morning!

Which meant I’d probably wake up early 😊

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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