My Day Ahead – Oct 13, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


“Supposed to” to rise to 81 today. With some sun. We shall see ☀️

It’d be nice. We like to make sun-tea. Have since we met in ‘80. One of my 1st “attempts” at painting in the late 80s was a big glass tea jar on a wood porch railing. I have a print of it somewhere, but no idea of the original, which was on paper.

Other than Sheila going to Walgreens for stuff, we don’t have anything planned.

May hear from the oldest girl in town for ACL, if she’s recovered from Sat 😊

We can use another recovery day before the week kicks in, classes, appts, more roller coaster weather. I slept late again this morning (7), like yesterday (8). I like 5 or 6 ‘cause I can get a lot done early. But resting and feeling much better, like I do this morning, is getting a lot done, lol! We’ve just been conditioned to think we don’t need recovery time, but we do ❤️

My big goal for today is to lay out this bit bamboo rug-like covering for an area in the living room where I can lay out a yoga mat and do floor stretches and band work. I’m ready 😊

My little goal for today is to see how the new blog post, just simply a fun pic w/a small caption – Halloween themed – does.

And an interesting thing I found while tinkering with my Amazon Affiliate work is, the page with all my reviews I’ve ever posted on Amazon of products! Over a hundred! Hadn’t realize that I guess, we just order stuff as we need it, or esp if we can’t find it nearby in a store. Interesting!


(time w/the 6 year old grandson)
A very good day yesterday, but did I feel the effects of the last few days’ balance & strength exercises the whole day, lol!

I’d feel great for a bit then heavy & sluggish as half dry cement 😊

But it was great having the 6 yr old over til noon. We’d tell him jokes, or make a joke of something and my wife and I’d crack up laughing and he’d say –

“I don’t think it’s funny.”

”It’s just a joke, Max.”

”I don’t like it.”


”It’s not funny.”

”But we’re just pulling your leg…”

”I didn’t feel my leg pulled that way.”

And we’d crack up again, making it worse of course, lol 😂

But we have such a trust between us, him to both of us, and he can feel our good intentions and love so well, he usually will come around, later ask if something he’d heard from someone was “a” pulling his leg thing 😊

And we’ll talk a little about intent, teasing vs bullying, the latter of which kids his age are now openly aware of and discussion in his classes at school. What a great thing that is compared to being circled by older kids who taunted and kicked at another kid way back in the 50s and everyone ignored the racial or ethnic or economic implications involved.

So we get him home, and it’s still undecided if he’s to go to soccer (40s outside vs 99+ two days before). Grandma (Sheila) had wisely told him he’d need to discuss it with him mom, and mommy would decide. He’s game, doesn’t wait a beat once he’s in the door at his house –

“I don’t feel good. I don’t want to go to soccer.”

”Oh, baby. But you were having so much fun this morning with grandma & grandpa!”

”I’m like Grandpa. People tell him he looks good, but he gets tired and has to rest.”


And he snuggles into her arms.

It was time for Sheila and me to head back home 💕

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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