My Day Ahead – Oct 20, 2019

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Today has been a strange but welcome slow crawl through the day 😊

Here it is, after 5:30 pm, and I’m just finally finishing up today’s My Day Ahead post, lol! But I did do a leisurely also welcome review of part of my 69th birthday day yesterday below (B-52s, music, and layers of life).

Sheila and I also dropped in for a bit at noon on the 6 year old and his parents at the tail end of their garage sale and stayed for a bit. The weather was cloudy, but a welcome relief from yesterdays official mid 90s record breaker (and unofficial 100+ degree actual day where people live and work and drive, lol!).

Had hoped to do a 1/2 day morning trip back to Wimberley to catch morning sunshine rays pouring through the Cypress Trees at the Blue Hole Preserve (adjacent to where we were along the Cypress River earlier this week w/the 6 yr old), but those same noon clouds above were already in place. Might aim for one of the mornings later this coming week w/scheduled sunshine 😊

And, spoke w/my mom today who sang, “Happy Birthday, you’re sixty-nine, and you look fine” to me 💝 ❤️ 💕

Take care everyone! 😊


(2010s, early 80s, late 60s)
Interesting 69th birthday yesterday – and I must’ve had a birthday day sleep over through today ‘cause I slept late into the morning again 😊

Yesterday had a wonderful lunch w/two of our children, their spouses, and the oldest grandchild.

(family gathering on my 69th birthday)
So, it was interesting and wonderful, and as so often seems to be happening lately during family dinners, lots of memories and connections surface within me 💕

Like layerings of life peeled away, each pull revealing a curled edge and tip of another memory – as if it was ready, wanting to be pulled up and, not so much examined (though maybe later), but connected, consciously with the memories of other times –

It being one life after all, not just vignettes…

A wholeness wanting to be recognized —

(memories gathered, joined and reveled in, in layers)
So the conversation between bowls of quest and salsas and guacamole meandered while waiting for the full lunch courses, with stories between my son & Sheila’s girl (blended family; and believe me, often blended tighter than some reg families, lol!) about restaurants they’d been to. They’ve both traveled extensively, originally by the seat of their pants, now more often via Airbnb & good airline schedules 😊

Recommendations and recollections ranged from Costa Rica to Italy, from Japan to Morocco, then dialed down to places closer to home here in Austin. Comparisons of Texas and Korean barbq simmered into talks of differing drinks, then clubs, and in the midst of jokes about seating, or lack of, at ACL, jumped to Galveston where all three children first met, blended, and grew up….

(girl is our youngest girl, boy is the middle child; both w/spouses & their own kids in tow)
girl: So what was up with that place they (me & Sheila) always went to before it burned down?


boy: The Kon Tiki?

girl: yeah, why can’t I remember it? It was rebuilt right?

boy: yep, went there later w/some friends in high school, and it was…


girl: I remember that place, but I can’t remember it before it burned down

me: that’s cause you were just a little girl (I grin, catch a look on the 6 yr old, her little boy, and can almost see him thinking..hey, I’m the little kid here! Lol! And the look of recognition on her face! – Layer 1)

me: Matter of fact, Sheila & I heard about it and went down there, lot of people there watching it burn to the ground

boy: I think you two burned it to the ground a lot of nights (big grin)

me: oh, yeah. Sheila & I’d go out dancing and everybody went there; rich, poor, gay, straight, whatever (true, Galveston’s a small sandbar 😊 – Layer 2)

laughter/more snickers & giggles

me: (to son) ya’ll remember the (Amazon link) B-52’s, that song where they sing (YouTube link) down down down? Well, when it’d come on, and Sheila was 1st going there w/me, I’d tell her, get ready to go down to the floor! She only hesitated a second, saw everyone spiraling down in heaps, and joined in! (Layer 3)

I spread my arms

me: (to all, then looking at Sheila) you know, like we used to do, in the 60s! We just all laid out on the floor!

And I remembered, looking at my son there in the restaurant, his 25 yr old daughter next to him, going out in high school with his mom, and the two of us joining hundreds of other kids our age downtown Houston by Buffalo Bayou going to huge warehouses w/no door charge, music everywhere, visuals and strobes everywhere, and barely room to lay anywhere on any floor everywhere – (Layer 4)

And, in the 60s, we were before their time, before our kids and grandkids were teens and kids themselves, before their music of the 80s, Prince, David Lee Roth and so much more, that Sheila and I then danced to in the Kon Tiki and the glass circular upstairs dance hall on Galveston’s Seawall – (Layer 5)


the layers of our lives… 💕

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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