My Day Ahead – Oct 22, 2019

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After a mental lapse yesterday and not posting a My Day Ahead post for the 1st time since starting this series late Aug this year, I made sure 1st thing I did this morning (after getting a pot of coffee going) was write today’s post 💕

I read a SilverSneakers article this morning that really spoke to my 1st strength class since my 2nd surgery yesterday.

It was so on target I left this comment on it,

“Got a wonderful reminder of all this (wife & I were SilverSneaker instructors about a decade back) of how true and valuable all this is via a my 1st strength class since my 2nd surgery yesterday at Gold’s Gym. Brought back wonderful memories of the caliber of instruction, and thus instructors, in SilverSneakers 💕 ”

Today I’m playing recovery while Sheila goes to WellMed. Plus I get to try out my new pair of Skechers sneakers I received yesterday. It’s my 2nd pair, the 1st pair worn out from tramping ‘round Texas & Vermont, lol! I’d forgotten what a new pair felt like – like walking on air! ⛅️ Small joys for my big feet, lol! My 1st pair I’d gotten at Academy, and even they had to have it shipped from their warehouse cause of my need for an extra wide “E” size, so ordering this 2nd pair from Amazon was as easy & I got ‘em right away!

Also this morning, out of curiosity, I checked the morning’s temp in Stowe Vermont and saw they and us (Austin) were the same! 48 degrees!

Ahh, all I need now is mountain views, less traffic and drier air & I’ll feel like I’m on vacation 😊


Well, I guess it was bound to happen, and yesterday was sure the day for it, lol!

I thought I’d posted a My Day Ahead for Oct 21st, and never did! 😂

And I’d been so happy w/my Oct 20th My Day Ahead, with a funny but insightful (for me, as I wrote it!) look at my birthday lunch w/family.

Geez! I must really be getting old, lol!

69. Not old, but not young 😊

And I’d been so happy w/myself for getting things done like submissions of some art pics to potential shows via my re-join of CAS, and going to a challenging strength class from SilverSneakers at Gold’s Gym.

Challenging cause the 6 month+ process of my abdomen absorbing the 2nd surgery’s gastro anesthesia is a bumpy road indeed!

One thing I became painfully aware of yesterday is how much muscle tone I did lose in my core, despite still have a decent amt to most folks my age, and how much work it’s gonna take strengthening it back. Slowly. ‘Cause I’m beginning to really feel the pulls and tugs of some of the various movements – twists and bends and reaches (in class) I’d just done!

They’re now something that both feels good and is definitely taking concentration to hold or follow through.

The SilverSneakers teacher, a sub for our reg instructor, thankfully is like almost all the instructors from SilverSneakers I’ve come across, knowledgeable and patient.

She set a pace for say, arm reaches across the body, to a count of 10, which felt too fast for me, so to steady my movement, I did about 7 to her 10, and she commented to the class a general reminder (I was positioned in class fairly close to the front) to go our own pace, and make it a measured movement.

It’s that kind of thoughtfulness I value and look for in a fitness instructor ❤️

She even reminded folks to keep their wrist straight with their arms, one of the most neglected simple pieces of information in any movement or strength class. I emphasized it so much in the classes Sheila & I taught at The Y in Vermont it became a good hearted joke among the class 😊

And that’s not all I got done yesterday!

I also posted a much needed gift item article, this one featuring coffee mugs from among my Paris images. Plans are percolating in my mind for more like this, featuring yoga mats (maybe scenes from Costa Rica!) and more!

Plus I’ve begun setting up a new page that Amazon has for more my product recommendations. I’ve got a general diverse item initial page set up, now I want to concentrate on categories, like Impressionist books, etc. All stuff I like 💕

So this morning (Tuesday), coffee close by, I made sure I posted this ☺️

Take care everyone, don’t be too hard on yourself —

Just keep enjoying & plugging 😊

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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  1. Love the coffee mugs! Also for the SilverSneakers input. Hadn’t thought about taking a class, but have just a month more of Physical Therapy (and I have found their guidance more beneficial than I ever thought I would), so will look into it. Also,like your Amazon page….how does one do that?

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