My Day Ahead – Nov 22, 2019

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My Day Ahead is already well underway at 10:11 in the morning, lol! Sheila’s gone on to SilverSneakers Cardio at Gold’s Gym, with an after exercise visit to Randalls for some BBQ ribs, and this afternoon – hopefully clearing though still breeze cool – pick up the 6 year old! From that point on it’s usually a rumble tumble cascade of activities, lol! It’ll be good to see the little guy ❤️


Listening to curated list of “hits” on Amazon Prime Music. I like to listen to lists like this every once in awhile to see what’s new I’ve obviously missed, since I mostly listen to my own curated lists 😊 Most the songs have a little something catchy about them that’s made them, well, catch on! Esp, I would think, w/younger viewers. Oh wait, that’d be anyone under 60 now. Well, then, much younger listeners! But I do like a lot of current music, I’m just more picky toward my own tastes now, after absorbing the beginnings of rock n’roll from my many older cousins I grew up around in the 50’s, through the early Beatles & Stones and other British rock wave of the 60’s, and into and way beyond the 70s, 80s and now. So what I’ve like so far, in this new Greatest Hits list is one from Miley Cyrus (really like her voice and nuancing) w/Slide Away, and something called Graveyard by someone named Halsey. Nice controlled emotional power I thought in the latter. With that I noticed, via my Recents – Song History list, yesterday’s Toto hit, Hold the Line and went back to it. Just a little jump of nearly half a century in music. Nice ❤️

Then pushing through the 1/2 century mark, enjoyed Roy Orbison’s 5 octave rendition of Blue Bayou, which reminded me of Linda Ronstadt’s decade+ later version. Searched it out and gave it a long time ago re-listen. Sheila and I saw her and Aaron Neville at Auditorium Shores in Austin back in, maybe, the very early 90s (when regular folk could walk to listen to music in Austin lol 😂) Linda’s version on the playlist? Slower, more sultry, very passionate! Glad I did a little exploring 😊

Morning, Evening Walks – Painting

(morning/evening walks)
Legs needing more limbering, warming up than usual (maybe ‘cause I’ve been pushing to go out while the weather’s been so nice) – I still took longer than usual morning, after-lunch, and evening walks yesterday. Though the day was already grey early morning, the wind wasn’t up kicking yet. Without the bright Austin sun, the muted colors of a muted autumn laid gently out to be seen. Dry yellows creased with rusty reds and crusty browns. On the ground the colors appeared like well worn well loved carpets, while, the trees, sighing with relief to soon be resting for the winter, shone almost brightly, almost Vermonty, against the slate grey blue nearly neutral sky. By evening the winds had gathered themselves in soft fits, infant winds, not sure how to use their arms and legs to reach out and touch yet. I waited below the sight of the Texas and U.S. flags, watched them flap, fade, then flap again. First one would unwrap showing itself, while the other hid curled. Then switched, til, in a few lucky moments, I caught both unfurled. Waving proudly to stand tall and open and free….

I continued my touch-up work on my unnamed sailboat in a vast abstract, but the light had dimmed too much to capture anything even vaguely representative by the time I’d finished with it for the day. The varnish on In the Light continues to dry, and it too didn’t co-operate with they day’s dying light for a shot. Mountain Canoe, though, highly textured, small (8×8) I’d worked on earlier, and did capture a kinda-good before and after comparison. Enhanced the canoe & man in it plus added a long paddle; added a few stars, and modulated some of the dark areas – adding light highlights, toning down some color casts on 1st version. Today I hope to capture an even better image of the worked-on newer version. The prior image is already on Fine Art America, so when I’m fully satisfied w/no more changes, I’ll update the image there too 😊

Thanks everyone!


Note: pics of paintings and walking and more, are in today’s My Yesterday in Pictures, Nov 21’19 – link listed automatically once posted, under my Category link — .

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