My Day Ahead – Nov 23, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Bright beautiful morning! Plan to visit the Lady Bird Wildflower Center late morning. I like going then ‘cause the cafe opens around 11 and I love going to the cafe, lol! Had a nice shot of it in this article, but hope to get new pics, especially of any fall colors 😊

After breakfast, going for a picture taking walk w/the 6 year old. We’ll see how that works out, lol! ❤️


Listening to the six year old play among his “treasures” of “old” toys from when he was a “little” kid ❤️ Grandma’s told him to see if there’s any of them he’d like to donate to another child for Christmas. He likes the idea. He doesn’t seem liking separating from the toys. Or is it from memories he’s still very close to? 😊

Fall Colors in Austin 2019 🍂

Unlike yesterday, today’s full sunshine ☀️ Still in the 30’s but rising to the low 70s. If possible we’ll go to the Lady Bird Wildflower Center nearby late morning. I’m really curious to see if we see any fall foliage left there. It is more of a prairie land with rolling grasses, but I’ll be taking a different look, maybe at things I’d simply skimmed over looking for flowers and such, ie, trees, lol!

Yesterday, mostly morning, while walking, I noticed so much more fall color among the trees than usual. The sky was grey and I couldn’t help but think it was like the grey painter’s palette pads that’ve sold to help artists see the actual color of their paint pigment better (yes, I want one 😊)

Then I started wondering why I was even noticing so much more fall color than expected. The grey sky palette idea could explain some of it, but still, even though scattered, not pervasive like say in Vermont, the red and yellow tree leaves were eye-catching. When we went to pick up the 6 year old mid-afternoon though, my eye didn’t get called to anything “fall-ish.” I asked Sheila later if she’d notice any fall colors in our old neighborhood (we’d lived a few blocks from the grandson’s school then) and she said no. And there’s more trees in our old neighborhood, bigger trees, all fed by the moisture underground fed by underground springs and Lady Bird Lake just a few blocks further north.

So I’ve temporarily come to the conclusion it must the type of trees in our new neighborhood. This is true of fall foliage I’ve heard about in East Texas in the piney woods areas, and of course, Lost Maples in the heart of the Hill Country. There’s a nice variety of articles about the Uvalde Bigtooth Maples in Lost Maples in this search. And there’s a nice selection of images here.

But I do think the grey sky vs our usual intense Texas sun had something to do with it. I just took a break from this post and went to a spot I shot one of Friday’s fall color pics for My Yesterday in Pictures, and took a similar shot. Much brighter colors, yes, but also less coverage, in less than 24 hours! Partly the intense sun, and partly the extreme quickness of any fall season here, ie, the leaves are dropping rapidly now!!

My Yesterday in Pictures for today, Sat Nov 23’19 posting around midnight tonight should have some comparison shots 😊

Note: pics of Friday and more, are in today’s My Yesterday in Pictures, Nov 22’19 – link listed automatically once posted, under my Category link — .

Note: More of my Austin Autumn imagery is also in my Fall Colors gallery at Fine Art America, including images of Vermont, Paris and paintings ❤️

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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