My Day Ahead – Nov 24, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Up early to a cold clear day with much to do: early omelette breakfast courtesy of Sheila, then off to Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center for early morning-light pictures. One of the staff there yesterday saw me taking photos, saw a few I’d taken, and suggested I come earlier to catch the slant of morning light, and added a few locations I could try out 😊

I did get some beauties yesterday there, in perfect weather. This morning it’s 38. Colder still than when Max & I went out walking around the neighborhood to see the fall colors and wander down to the trail along Slaughter Creek. So I’ll be a lot more bundled up than yesterday when Max & I left our coats in the car, it being near mid-day when we got there & warmed up to really nice!

After, with maybe another – after yesterday’s stop – at the Wildflower’s cafe for a muffin & coffee 😊 then, I’ll over head to Central Market for cheese and liverwurst goodies, fresh grapes and sourdough bread rolls, plus other misc fun stuff, lol! Sheila’s making me a list thank goodness!

By the time I get home I’ll need to rest, and probably be very ready for lunch ❤️

The Wildflower excursions today and yesterday’ll hopefully lead to a nice post specific to there (vs part of a My Yesterday in Pictures post). There’s so much there, and frankly I was surprised how much of an opportunity of nice spots of fall foliage there were here and there. Yesterday we even saw our youngest girl’s butterfly book, Skydancer, in their gift shop! Very nice!! 💕

Wish me luck! 😊


Listening to time whirl away, though earlier did listen to some great Rolling Stone selections (Wild Horses, Angie, Beast of Burden, Paint it Black, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Under My Thumb, and maybe my fav maybe ‘cause of my mood – Waiting On a Friend).

Short post today for yesterday as explained above. Did have a wonderful morning with Max morning walking among the autumn foliage and cool clear weather ❤️ followed by a visit to Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center with him and Sheila 💕

My morning w/Max is chronicled in today’s My Yesterday in Pictures.

It’s filled with more pics than usual, fall colors plus pics of Max in action, lol!

My trip to the Wildflower Center itself is still in-progress via my return trip soon early this morning by myself, followed by a grocery run to Central Market. Hope to have the Wildflower picture ready soon 😊

I figured if I waited til all chores were done, then lunch (of course 😊) before writing then posting this post, it’d almost be time to call it a day, lol!

Note: pics of Max and I walking about in yesterday’s autumn colors in Austin, are in today’s My Yesterday in Pictures, Nov 23’19 – link listed automatically once posted, under my Category link — .

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