My Yesterday in Pictures for, Dec 05, 2019 😊

Walking in South Austin 12.05.19 pm ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Walking in South Austin 12.05.19 pm ©Felipe Adan Lerma

My Yesterday in Pictures Format

I’ve simply built my daily walking & painting up to the point where I need the time for these two vital parts of keeping me healthy and/or sane, lol!

My Day Ahead series posts will continue, but on a much more intermittent basis. Already it seems some of that series’ usefulness is being incorporated into this new series’ format, me yakking ‘bout what when on, on the yesterday part of my life anyway, lol! It’s a continuing experiment of course, so we’ll see 😊


Walking in South Austin, am & early afternoon

Walking in South Austin 12.05.19 am ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Walking in South Austin 12.05.19 am ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Thursday was my free day this week. No art deliveries, receptions, or shows. No dr appts or classes planned. Sheila left early for PT, heading after to SilverSneakers Yoga at Gold’s Gym. A dedicated girl, and it shows ❤️ I caught up a few but not all my online “stuff” lol! Then went for a cloudy morning walk. Still, the view, in one tiny circumscribed spot, of what the countryside used to look like, was nice. Wintry dry already, but nice. The roll of the near hill country appears like a review ripple here, the roof of a distant home cutting lines through the soft rustic rustle. It was a good walk. Enough steps to tell me I had a pretty good shot at my daily 7500 step goal. I headed back.

Walking in South Austin 12.05.19 pm ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Walking in South Austin 12.05.19 pm ©Felipe Adan Lerma

After lunch, an unbelievably delicious tuna salad Sheila fixed up (I cut the veggies 🍅 🥒 😊) we went for a warm gauzy blue sky walk and took the same route I’d taken in the morning. Sheila waited patiently as I tried to see through the glare of my camera’s screen to capture the same morning spot and finally got a couple of shots I could choose this one from. The sun, even with a wistful gauze across its gaze, soaked the colors rich in its early afternoon’s slanted gaze. Dappled the lawns and silhouettes. Lit the highlights, deepened the shadows. Almost like two seasons appearing in one day hours apart – cloudy / sunny. Nature’s natural Notan.


Late Afternoon Painting: Oil, Acrylic

Ship at Sea oil painting in-progress 12.05.19 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Ship at Sea oil painting in-progress 12.05.19 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Ship at Sea is a long running exploration experiment that’s still “in-progress.” It began as a slash and push and scrape release of paint onto canvas mid-spring. Went into hibernation during our move from Central Austin south where we are now. Peeked out early June, then hid again for the duration of my two surgeries, and recently reappeared ready for more push and shove, dig and overlay, about a month ago or so. It’s shape is pretty much what’ll be there I believe. Now I’m just playing with the colors. Initially thin layers of dry paint to change the color balance across the canvas. Now, still balancing, but with glazes of medium and marble dust with tiny bits of pigment added. The photo either doesn’t do it justice, or I’m not seeing the same thing when it’s in front of me, lol! But close. It’s very expressive texturally and in terms of movement. The color is too, but I’m still playing with it. At some point, growing closer I can feel, I’ll simply have to choose which direction, what emotion, I want it to take. Just a matter of choosing, when I’m ready 😊

Floating Blooms acrylic painting in-progress 12.05.19 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Floating Blooms acrylic painting in-progress 12.05.19 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Another continuing in-progress work, though acrylic and more recent than Ship at Sea above. Also, in contrast, Floating blooms has it’s genesis via one of my photos vs my imagination. The upper right flower is mostly done, but not completely. I may want to re-emphasize the shadows more like the photo. Depends on how the middle and left flowers continue to evolve and the three fit together. This photo also has big limitations. For one it’s at my prescribed WordPress limit for any image. Once completed, I’ll post the image to my image site on Fine Art America, where a special full resolution preview of sections (viewer chooses) is available. There’s a lot of nuance in the dark shadowed background. This shot was taken at end of day light too. It’s all a process ❤️


Walking in South Austin, twilight

Walking in South Austin 12.05.19 Twilight ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Walking in South Austin 12.05.19 Twilight ©Felipe Adan Lerma

The few clouds left in the evening sky streaked like gashes against the fading day, dark against the last light, pale against the first of night. By the time I looped to the light at the end of street and made it back, it was dark. The mild air might be the last we feel for a few days, or more. We’ll see 😊 I did, though, see I’d met my 7500+ step goal for the day 💕


My Day Ahead series posts, an intermittent series, elaborates on both my day ahead & the day past, my yesterday 😊

I try to post My Yesterday in Pictures series daily ❤️



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