Pursuit of Perfection in the Arts by David J. Rogers

Pursuit of Perfection in the Arts by David J. Rogers

Actor Lord Laurence Olivier aimed at perfect performances, as did Peter O’Toole, Olivier’s successor as the world’s greatest actor–the perfect performances in the perfect tragedies as the perfect characters–as Hamlet, King Lear, Othello, or Iago. One night Olivier felt that he had achieved perfection in a performance. Others in the cast also told him he… —

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There’s plenty to enjoy reading about in this post, and plenty to enjoy quibbling or dabbling about in one’s one mind and heart about creativity, about one’s creative process, and, about one’s own individual creative accomplishments. At least that’s what I got from this, lol!

One of several good quotes/stop-to-ponder points was —

The virtuoso performance is the single most exciting and popular feature not only of drama but of any art, and the most thrilling feature of a virtuoso performance is not the possibility that the artist may fail. Rather, it is the spectacle of succeeding in an extraordinary way…

[ and goes on to finish ]

…a performance that is perfect because it has no errors.


And “perfection” is something that bedevils anyone doing any of the arts.

But I have to wonder, since no one ever has produced anything that 100% of the total population of humanity has agreed on as “perfect” — if perfection isn’t a “thing” or “way” of having created or accomplished it, but simply perfect from that one creative individual to another individual.

Like love.

And someone, or some thing (created), can become beloved, even seemingly universally.

So that someone or some thing then is perfect for more people. But is it really perfect because of how it was played or written or performed or painted? Or can, like variations of a song sung throughout the centuries, all be perfect?

Because they connected.

Like love ❤️

Anyway 😊 that’s one example why I think this relatively short post with lots of examples from a variety of the arts, and even sports, is worth a visit.

Short but nice comment thread too 😊

Thanks everyone! Happy creativity! (yes!)

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