November 18, 2021 – Working on Paintings; In-Progress : Butterfly Starburst

In-progress, Butterfly Starburst ©Felipe Adan Lerma
In-progress, Butterfly Starburst ©Felipe Adan Lerma

I’ve mentioned a few posts back I now have “lots” of paintings in progress – a good thing, a fun thing, and a slightly problematic thing for me in re to blog posts, well, my blog posts, lol!

What I’m gonna try, with a day or 2 lag on the in-progress work posted (I’d like to keep my “most viewed” images on Fine Art America going) is make it easier for me to combine what I’m working on painting with what I’m thinking about writing 🤞

I’ll still try and get in a reblog here and there; I find so much fun stuff to learn about, and usually apply. For instance, David Rodgers recently posted an article about 2 major types of artists and writers – those who meticulously plan out their stories or paintings, and those who just run with their gut (so to speak) – it’s a fabulous read with tons of great examples. You can read it here – .

My reblog series itself, overall, can be browsed thru this link –

In regard to David’s article, I find myself, like a good Libra, very much in-between, lol! 😊

A good example is Butterfly Starburst above.

And it may very well be done, I don’t know yet. But it began as simply a masking fluid design of starburst like out reaching lines from a definite unoccupied (at the time) center. I don’t have pics of it, and that’s another thing I hope to remedy – to have better images of the work’s progress. I know, video would probably be better. But I work too haphazardly and unpredictably, plus, I don’t have the time or inclination to do that anymore, lol!

I tinkered with Butterfly Starburst today, along with starting another work, which I have more pics of & will share soon, and is more a reaction to the abstract expressionist book, Ninth Street Women, and articles like it I’ve been reading than anything I’d planned, and is off my usual beaten path and more like Angel, but still different 😊

But back to my tinkering on Butterfly Starburst. I was basically done, except for the grey-greenish extensions on the left upper side. They were still a bit blunted from what I wanted, which is more like the right side extensions, which I’d already worked on a few days prior.

Those prior extensions were mostly slenderizing those same grey-green ones, but on the right side, and with more of the same grey-greens. Today’s extensions I favored extending from the grey-greens on the left side via varying degrees of white. I’m hoping with more and better images I can show what I’m doing better. Maybe somewhat like my 1st watercolor experiments early last year (2010) .

So anyway, more on this piece later, including a better image, when I’m sure it’s finished enough to upload it to Fine Art America.


Thanks so much everyone! Stay curious, stay creative! 💕



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Dance ©Felipe Adan Lerma, 18x24 acrylic on Light Molding Paste over canvas -
Dance ©Felipe Adan Lerma, 18×24 acrylic on Light Molding Paste over canvas –

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