My Day Ahead – Dec 28, 2019 – Choosing What is Essential for Staying Healthy, Being Happy

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Been awhile since I’ve done one of my Day Ahead posts, and this seemed a good time 😊

With the holidays nearing a temporary end after New Years, at least till Valentines Day ❤️ I’ve found myself improving on many fronts (health, fitness, art) yet slowly remembering some of those challenges, those of staying fit and actively creating art, lol! 😂 I‘ve become stronger doing stability and yoga classes each of the last two weeks, yet wake up at night w/intense pain in some new part of my legs, despite plenty of protein after exertion, despite more and more stretching. I’ve found and am enjoying incredibly new ways of creating art via both oils and acrylics, esp the latter creating beautiful watercolor effects on canvas I never thought possible (for me), but require more materials, more canvas prep, and, unless I want to glass my canvases, also need to “fix” the image to protect it.

It’d be nice if there was a simple solution in terms of time for staying fit and being creative. And none of that of course fully encapsulates the energy of being mentally and emotionally engaged with another person, not to mention eating and all those other things 😊

Easy to say “that’s life” or “sounds good” or “easy compared to other folks.”

Easy to say because it’s true, yet, as we all really know, isn’t really living it.

The mingling of both what becomes monotony and the unexpected –
– while remaining conscious, centered, of open heart…

Monotony. Well. Gonna happen. Something that – over time – we either become better at deflecting, or deflects us. And then the easy becomes rather uneasy.

It’s the unexpected that requires vigilance and handling.

Preparing for the un-preparable, lol!

True, the unexpected makes for great movies, books, and some walks 😊 It motivates one to stay attentive. Creates texture in our lives – both crinkly and thrilling.

It’s the energy of dealing with the unexpected that’s not easy.

And the more of the unexpected that finds me, the more I have to focus on less things, choosing which are essential to staying healthy, being happy, promoting wonder and curiosity.

And one choice for all circumstances, or one choice for good or all time, or even one way of doing or handling that choice, doesn’t even seem possible. The vastness and movement of our lives seem too complex for that, even if the world and universe around us could stay static. Flat earth. Earth as center of the universe. No other life beyond our skies.

There are, I believe, those times, when planning and molding a pattern into our lives is so beyond us, the only strategy left and the only attitude possible with it, are, at least for me — hope, and faith 💕

Happy holidays everyone. Merry Christmas to all. And a very happy New Year ❤️


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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