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Golden’s Clear Tar Gel – 5 Stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

My review title is —
Messy, tricky, and wonderful results! 😊

I was “very” hesitant to try Clear Tar Gel out, but had gotten to a point with a small acrylic work where either I chunked it, or tried this. I just hadn’t been able to keep the look I created when wet, no matter how much glaze medium & such I used; mostly in regard to keeping the sense of depth in it (partly because of black gesso background I think, partly because of the effect when dry).

As advertised in reviews and articles I researched, this stuff is super thick, super sticky, and potentially super messy!

I did dilute with 20% water, stirred slowly and carefully for a long time, and let sit overnight. The water percent is optional and experimental (I’ll be adding to about a 30% level). The difference overnight in the appearance was definite, with no bubbles or rumply look. I’d created a 2nd container for my mixture from the 32 oz container (too big for me to handle & too full to add water to) and it poured fairly easily, though still best to have something disposable underneath where you’re pouring. I’m thinking I want this to pour a little easier, even if it means two thinner layers vs one thick layer.

The look after a day+ is very smooth, clean to the touch, and gave a great depth and look to the work.

Photographing the finished work is tricky, but still worth it.

I’ll just add I did place masking tape around the edges to create a pool as several articles I’d read suggested. It would have been an incredible mess if I hadn’t. I also sealed the top edge where the tape and painting canvas met with gloss medium. This prevented more mess and runs down the side of the canvas, but more importantly it seems, loss of product from where I wanted it – the surface of the painting.

I definitely have plans for more experiments with Clear Tar Gel 😊

Below is what my 6×6 – w/masking tapes around the sides to help on the pour – looks like, slanted slight at an angle so the light doesn’t glare it out.

It’s got a clear clean smooth surface, very smooth to the touch a day after pouring.

I could try and add more to it, but I think best to start a new one.

In-Progress 6x6 With Tape Walls for Soft Tar Gel 01.16.20 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
In-Progress 6×6 With Tape Walls for Soft Tar Gel 01.16.20 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

There’s lots and lots of possibilities I can see with Clear Tar Gel. Be fun seeing what other “looks” I can get with it.

So between these new acrylic “surfboard” like finishes (as I’ve heard this finish called on several posts about Clear Tar Gel), and the absorbent ground watercolor/acrylic wash 6x6s (one is partially visible in the bottom portion of the image above) – I think I’ve got plenty to play with 😊 And that’s not counting the more occasional water soluble oil I can get to now & then! One’s been trying to dry for most of the week on the balcony, lol!

Thanks so much everyone! Much creativity & joy! ❤️



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